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Valentines Special

Hello happy bunnies, Wishing you all a love filled day !!! Hope each and everyone one of you have embraced the love in the air with all the panache you are capable of.   Today is the day for love and celebrating meaningful bonds. The day to pamper and shower the special people in your life with love, kisses and pressies. When I say “Special People List” that generally includes your lover boy, lover girl, fiancée, family and friends, but don’t you think the list above is missing the most

? Welcome to February peeps! You know what that means for me, don’t ya ? I am all in that lovey-dovey spirit again. Is it just me or can you feel the love in the air too? I am not sure if it’s the cheesy and mawkishly sentimental songs played in the background whilst writing this post, but something surely is adding glare to the romantic in me. Love is a splendid feeling and I am loving the way I am feeling right now. Bliss with a touch of romance. I am