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New Year Resolutions

Hello My Friends, How crazy fast phased is our lives ? We are almost 6 months down darlings, and for me that means it is high time that I stop referring 2015 as “New-Year”. I like the word “New” tad too much that I try hanging on to it way too long, and then I reach a point where I have to stop it. Guess I have got to that point for 2015. Ahhh.. Today is officially the hottest day in London, I’m sipping my a glass of Pimms with MTV

Twists and turns, ups and downs, bumps and dents: that’s life. What role are you playing in making your’s spectacularly fabulous? My primary goal for this year was to seek happiness in everyday life. To drench in self-love, dive into new adventures and folder tons of new experiences in my heart. In simple words, to live my life to the fullest. Majority of the people kick-start every new year pretty much with the same ardour and spirit, but somehow as days pass by, the enthusiasm with which they set goals, tend

Hello Buddies, I am super pumped up with the fact that you are as excited as I am on setting goals for 2015, soon we gonna be a family of happy campers. Yayyey ! I know one should not be waiting till the beginning of every year to set goals or become the person of their dreams but New Year definitely is a good time if you haven’t set goals already. New Year is the time of the year when you feel alive not just because of the vibrance in

Oh lord, end of another epic year. How excited are you ? I am beaming with excitement to embrace all the beautiful surprises, adventures and great opportunities 2015 has in store for me. So, how has 2014 treated you peeps? Hope this year has been benevolent so far. I must say 2014 has been immensely eventful for me with all the unexpected things that has happened so far from entering this exciting happiness project (which is still going on by the way), finishing my first full Marathon, climbing my first mountain, confession

“Hello my vibrant spirits, It is that time of the year again to start anew. A new year is for you to become the new you One of the things I love about life is its many ways of giving us millions of opportunities to start over from a clean slate. In fact each morning we wake up to immense possibilities to live the dreams you always dreamt, become the person you want to be and make the changes you want to see. Yet somehow we fail to embrace what

Merry Christmas !!!


Hello my lovely peeps, Wishing you all and your loved ones a merry, fabulous and joyous christmas. May your day be filled with magic, joy, laughter, love, sparkle, pressies and off course the bubble galore the season brings ! By the way you din’t believe me when I said I had been a good girl this year, did ya ? See what Santa brought me this christmas ? The Elf on my shelf has clearly been watching my new-found craziness in capturing very moment ever since I started my 😆 I’m