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Hello My Friends, How crazy fast phased is our lives ? We are almost 6 months down darlings, and for me that means it is high time that I stop referring 2015 as “New-Year”. I like the word “New” tad too much that I try hanging on to it way too long, and then I reach a point where I have to stop it. Guess I have got to that point for 2015. Ahhh.. Today is officially the hottest day in London, I’m sipping my a glass of Pimms with MTV

  Hello Peeps, A very Happy November !!! How have you been ??? Hope the month of October filled your hearts with abundant happiness !!! Wake up peeps, we are already in November… can’t believe how quick this year has gone by. I don’t know about you but I have already started loving November for the very reason that its gotten me so much closer to Xmas. Yayyyey !!! time for celebrations, love and family. I was out this evening and the streets are already lit by Christmas lights, Christmas decorations