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Hello Lovely Peeps, Yes, My #100HappyDays is over 365 days !!! Words are not enough to explain how excited I am to be writing this post, to be utterly honest I can’t quite believe the fact that my journey towards Happiness has brought me this far. It feels as though it was only yesterday that I started this amazing challenge. Time as always has flown by so quick. Sometimes what a person really needs is just a story to have a breakthrough, so I have decided to share mine today.

Hello My Fitness Buffs, Today I am giving the helms to fabulous Samantha Partridge who is not only a fitness sage but also a personification of sartorial elegance. I am sure you guys are going to love her 5 Fun Fitness Hacks. As always, if you enjoy her post, please feel free to shower some love by leaving a comment and letting our guest know how amazing she is.   Fitness sometimes gets associated with boring routines, monotony and dull. But it really doesn’t have to be that way! You make it

Hello Peeps, How are you today ? Are you thinking of that someone who you shouldn’t be thinking of ? Are you looking for the closure that you never had at the time you said good-bye ? Are you looking for tips on how to forget that face which keeps flashing back ? Oh dear, you don’t have to fight these feeling nor suppress them; just let them be. Break-ups can be aching and nasty, especially if it was a perfect relationship, where you felt like you found your right