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Hello People, Yayey ! Clocks have gone forward and spring is in the air ! Happy days are here again. I can’t think of a better time than now to get in shape and be ready for summer. So today I have for you, a special guest Amy-May Hunt who will take over the reins to talk to us about what she is most passionate about, “The best exercises to burn fat”. Before I disappear, let me introduce this character that I adore, Amy is a fitness guru who writes about

Hello lovely peeps, Hope the fresh year has treated you graciously so far. It’s been a bit of windstorm for me so far with so many things to sort out, shifting houses in London is not an easy game I am telling ya, I can’t wait for this hurricane to end, feel settled and have my feet on the ground. It’s usually during times like this when you get to see the fallen angel in you. This time I am in battle with the perfectionist in me. I know the