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♯100HappyDays: Week 1


Hello People, Welcome to my 100 happy days. Hope you enjoy my road trip to happiness. On 16th of July I entered in this amazing project ?100HappyDays. You can read my initial ?100HappyDays post here; where I have written all about why I entered this challenge and what is it all about, but incase if you are rather feeling like being a lazy bum I will give you a quick overview. How does this challenge work? The challenge requires you to take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for one

Entering The Challenge !


Hey My Happiness Lovers, I’m so glad you are here !!! Let me tell you one thing guys, Happiness is going to be a reappearing theme of this blog, after-all its called LifePassion&Happiness. The truth is, I did not sing up for this challenge because I own a “happiness blog” instead today I’m the author of this happiness blog because around 15 weeks ago I decided to make a change in my life by being part of this amazing project “#100 Happy days Challenge“. How does that sound now ? Amazing huh ? I can be a bit moody at