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Today’s X-factor got me a bit emotional after Anton Stephan’s performance, not because of Simon’s comments. I am used to him now, his ruthless honesty. I like him. What touched me was Anton’s reply to his comment “So, you pull weird faces when you sing” When someone throw a remark like that at you, whilst on spotlight; that sure is gonna hit you like a wrecking ball. The natural instincts of any normal person would be to take it in, and say  “I will change that or try to work on it”. Anton’s comeback was

Hello Lovely People, Today what I have for you, is a quick fix, and it works like magic! Oh yes, it does! Lately I am going through a difficult time, last week was a total nightmare, but somehow I got through it in one piece, and still going strong with my #100HappyDays. Trust me my fingers are itching to write all about it, but talking of negative things isn’t the best practice, is it? Moving on… By the end of last week I was completely worn out emotionally, and it

Hello Peeps, Life is like a train on constant move, the one that never stops. Like it or not, you are onboard darling and there is no getting down. Being under the influence of this momentum, its only natural wanting to be on constant move in life, which on one end gives birth to a warrior in you – who wants to fight, strive for existence, break boundaries and become the best version of yourself; to get to where you ought to be. The problem I see in this constant

Hello Gorgeous People, How are you today ? I am truly happy, firstly because I signed up for a 5k running marathon happening in June, Secondly its beginning of March, Mr sun is out and it can only get warmer going forward. Today I am going to talk to you about “Negative-Self-Talk”, mainly because of this little episode that happened early this morning. Just when I was about to sign up for the 5k run, I had these gobbling negative thoughts which kept popping up in my head like those

Hello happy bunnies, Wishing you all a love filled day !!! Hope each and everyone one of you have embraced the love in the air with all the panache you are capable of.   Today is the day for love and celebrating meaningful bonds. The day to pamper and shower the special people in your life with love, kisses and pressies. When I say “Special People List” that generally includes your lover boy, lover girl, fiancée, family and friends, but don’t you think the list above is missing the most

? Welcome to February peeps! You know what that means for me, don’t ya ? I am all in that lovey-dovey spirit again. Is it just me or can you feel the love in the air too? I am not sure if it’s the cheesy and mawkishly sentimental songs played in the background whilst writing this post, but something surely is adding glare to the romantic in me. Love is a splendid feeling and I am loving the way I am feeling right now. Bliss with a touch of romance. I am

Hello Peeps, I am truly thrilled to be back with my first personal manifesto “Recovering Perfectionist’s Manifesto“. If you have read my post Its Okay For Things In Life To Be Good Enough & Not Always Perfect, you will know that I am battling with my self depreciative habit of stealing my moments of joy in the name of perfection. From a tender age we are taught to aim for higher and look out for the best. Our minds are trained to look for perfection in everything. Although such thoughts and beliefs

Hello Happy Hearts ! Phew !!! 6 days into 2015… Hope everyone had a kick ass start to the New Year. The past couple of weeks have been an exciting whirlwind for me, filled with goal-settings, planning for a breathtakingly fantastic 2015 and contemplating on all my life decisions. I loved every minute of it ! Although it was exhilarating, the fire of enthusiasm involved in the whole process has worn me out and to make matters worse, I have come down with a bad flu. Sniff sniff ! So, today

Winter Blues

Hows is everyone doing? Hope your week and weekend went well. I had a relaxed week compared to the few manic ones I usually have, but my weekend schedule made up for it. 😛 Talking about my life – my work has calmed down for the month, no more marathon training as before and my ♯100HappyDaysChallenge is almost finishing (I know I must be excited about it, but I’m rather feeling sad it’s almost over). Life is getting a bit slow and stagnant, which is just what I don’t want

Hello Everyone !!! Saturday it is… Happy weekend all !!!! So, how are we doing on our goal settings and actions plans on achieving our goals ??? Honestly speaking I have been pretty bad so far, getting back to dancing 4 times a week has been on my list for a while now with hardly any progress, however I have been pretty good with starting my day early so far. We will slowly get there, won’t we ??? As you know I’m at my very early stage of self development, I’m