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Living A Passionate Life

  Hey my lovely people, Happy October !!! Hope everyone had a happy start. The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes this morning was the beautiful rays of sunlight trying to sneak through my window drapes. Not a bad start for an October in London. The slight frostiness in the air, the beautiful tint of red, orange and yellow colours on the trees, the golden shades of sun and the crackling sound of the fallen leaves as I walk makes Autumn one of my favourite months. Since

Hello Friends ! Im sure you are feeling amazing today and thats why you are here looking for some ideas for your Bucket List. And Hello !!! you people who happened to fall upon this article by chance. In case if you are wondering what on earth is this woman going on and on about. “Bucket List” is a list of all the dreams you want to turn into reality, all the goals you want to complete and all experiences you want to own before you die. So, If you

What makes a person Extra Ordinary ??? Have you ever wished being an extraordinary person or ever wondered how to live a life which would make you a bit more special or ever thought of taking a step towards finding your own awesomeness ??? I was reading a lot of articles on how to become an extra ordinary person, the qualities that makes a person extra ordinary, the ten steps to becoming a super human, the ten common characteristics which most of the successful people possessed and so on. Reading

Hello Lovelies, Happy Sunday ! Hope everyone had a good weekend so far. I know what you see below is damn tempting, but I’m going to be a your mean aunt here and ask you “not to give in”. I hear you asking me why ? Very fair question, I’ll tell you why and I’m hoping you would agree with me by the end of this article. Have you been deferring or putting a hold on things that are important to you or always dreamt about ? Have you got on sending that job

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