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Hello My Fitness Buffs, Today I am giving the helms to fabulous Samantha Partridge who is not only a fitness sage but also a personification of sartorial elegance. I am sure you guys are going to love her 5 Fun Fitness Hacks. As always, if you enjoy her post, please feel free to shower some love by leaving a comment and letting our guest know how amazing she is.   Fitness sometimes gets associated with boring routines, monotony and dull. But it really doesn’t have to be that way! You make it

Hello People, Yayey ! Clocks have gone forward and spring is in the air ! Happy days are here again. I can’t think of a better time than now to get in shape and be ready for summer. So today I have for you, a special guest Amy-May Hunt who will take over the reins to talk to us about what she is most passionate about, “The best exercises to burn fat”. Before I disappear, let me introduce this character that I adore, Amy is a fitness guru who writes about

Hello Lovely Peeps, Happy Pancake Day !!! Ready for some self-indulgence? If you are giving me that frown, thinking I am trying to ruin your healthy diet, then baby you are wrong! I have a special treat for you. Low carb, dairy free, high in protein, sugar-free and gluten-free yummy pancakes. Oh lord, it can’t get healthier than this, can it? Now that we are almost two months down this year, sticking with those new-year-inspired-healthy-eating-plan must be getting harder. Oh dear! I know that feeling, for that reason, I have

Hello Fitness Lovers, Hope you guys are you on fire putting all your blood, sweat and tears on meeting those sexy goals you set in the beginning of the year? May the momentum you gained with the kick-start take you till the end. And all my friends who are yet to get out of the holiday mood after Christmas – Hello !!! it’s almost time to get your Valentines gift get ready, so buckle down and get your asses on the track. For those who are wondering as to where

Hello Superstars, Hope every one had a good weekend ! Today marks the first day of me writing about fitness, I have decided to walk into this world of health and well being with a touch of style by introducing my delicious immune boosting and vitamin rich smoothie. Triple Berry Banana Blast ! Your absolute Energy Booster ! Not sure what you think, but I’m pretty impressed with my ritzy entry. My smoothie is full of antioxidants, fibres, vitamins and minerals from berries and banana. The almonds in it not only gives