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Happiness is a state of mind you derive yourself. Happiness is when you teach yourself to be content and satisfied with, and when you desire for positive results.

Merry Christmas !!!


Hello my lovely peeps, Wishing you all and your loved ones a merry, fabulous and joyous christmas. May your day be filled with magic, joy, laughter, love, sparkle, pressies and off course the bubble galore the season brings ! By the way you din’t believe me when I said I had been a good girl this year, did ya ? See what Santa brought me this christmas ? The Elf on my shelf has clearly been watching my new-found craziness in capturing very moment ever since I started my 😆 I’m

Hello Peeps, How are you today ? Are you thinking of that someone who you shouldn’t be thinking of ? Are you looking for the closure that you never had at the time you said good-bye ? Are you looking for tips on how to forget that face which keeps flashing back ? Oh dear, you don’t have to fight these feeling nor suppress them; just let them be. Break-ups can be aching and nasty, especially if it was a perfect relationship, where you felt like you found your right

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” ~ Wayne W. Dyer Are you someone who always feel the need to be in other’s company in order to feel happy? Or are you that person who is always hosting parties in order to have people around ? Or are you the one who is constantly texting your friends on a friday evening to avoid having a stay in? Once upon a time, I was that person. I constantly felt the need to be around people all the time

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