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Hello Superstars, Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Honestly I’m so pleased that you are back for more and hoping to be able to inspire you with some crazy yet simple ideas which will help you add a bit of twinkle to your everyday life. You can read my initial post explaining all about the challenge and why I dived into this little happiness project here and my week one recap here. You know that I’m doing mega catchup on my ?100HappyDays rather than writing on the same day, right? Catching up

♯100HappyDays: Week 1


Hello People, Welcome to my 100 happy days. Hope you enjoy my road trip to happiness. On 16th of July I entered in this amazing project ?100HappyDays. You can read my initial ?100HappyDays post here; where I have written all about why I entered this challenge and what is it all about, but incase if you are rather feeling like being a lazy bum I will give you a quick overview. How does this challenge work? The challenge requires you to take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for one

Entering The Challenge !


Hey My Happiness Lovers, I’m so glad you are here !!! Let me tell you one thing guys, Happiness is going to be a reappearing theme of this blog, after-all its called LifePassion&Happiness. The truth is, I did not sing up for this challenge because I own a “happiness blog” instead today I’m the author of this happiness blog because around 15 weeks ago I decided to make a change in my life by being part of this amazing project “#100 Happy days Challenge“. How does that sound now ? Amazing huh ? I can be a bit moody at