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Hello Lovely Peeps, Happy Pancake Day !!! Ready for some self-indulgence? If you are giving me that frown, thinking I am trying to ruin your healthy diet, then baby you are wrong! I have a special treat for you. Low carb, dairy free, high in protein, sugar-free and gluten-free yummy pancakes. Oh lord, it can’t get healthier than this, can it? Now that we are almost two months down this year, sticking with those new-year-inspired-healthy-eating-plan must be getting harder. Oh dear! I know that feeling, for that reason, I have

Hello wonderful people, Today I am going to give you few tips on how to play along when life slaps you with surprises. If you are someone who has been following me, then you would know that I had planned to make my February, A Month Dedicated for Self-Love. I was so excited, in fact major part of my January went on planning my 28 days of self-love journey, but things did not go as planned. My internet at home was not working and it took 12 days to get

Hello happy bunnies, Wishing you all a love filled day !!! Hope each and everyone one of you have embraced the love in the air with all the panache you are capable of.   Today is the day for love and celebrating meaningful bonds. The day to pamper and shower the special people in your life with love, kisses and pressies. When I say “Special People List” that generally includes your lover boy, lover girl, fiancée, family and friends, but don’t you think the list above is missing the most

? Welcome to February peeps! You know what that means for me, don’t ya ? I am all in that lovey-dovey spirit again. Is it just me or can you feel the love in the air too? I am not sure if it’s the cheesy and mawkishly sentimental songs played in the background whilst writing this post, but something surely is adding glare to the romantic in me. Love is a splendid feeling and I am loving the way I am feeling right now. Bliss with a touch of romance. I am

Hello Fitness Lovers, Hope you guys are you on fire putting all your blood, sweat and tears on meeting those sexy goals you set in the beginning of the year? May the momentum you gained with the kick-start take you till the end. And all my friends who are yet to get out of the holiday mood after Christmas – Hello !!! it’s almost time to get your Valentines gift get ready, so buckle down and get your asses on the track. For those who are wondering as to where

Hello Peeps, I am truly thrilled to be back with my first personal manifesto “Recovering Perfectionist’s Manifesto“. If you have read my post Its Okay For Things In Life To Be Good Enough & Not Always Perfect, you will know that I am battling with my self depreciative habit of stealing my moments of joy in the name of perfection. From a tender age we are taught to aim for higher and look out for the best. Our minds are trained to look for perfection in everything. Although such thoughts and beliefs

Hello lovely peeps, Hope the fresh year has treated you graciously so far. It’s been a bit of windstorm for me so far with so many things to sort out, shifting houses in London is not an easy game I am telling ya, I can’t wait for this hurricane to end, feel settled and have my feet on the ground. It’s usually during times like this when you get to see the fallen angel in you. This time I am in battle with the perfectionist in me. I know the

Hello Happy Hearts ! Phew !!! 6 days into 2015… Hope everyone had a kick ass start to the New Year. The past couple of weeks have been an exciting whirlwind for me, filled with goal-settings, planning for a breathtakingly fantastic 2015 and contemplating on all my life decisions. I loved every minute of it ! Although it was exhilarating, the fire of enthusiasm involved in the whole process has worn me out and to make matters worse, I have come down with a bad flu. Sniff sniff ! So, today

Hello Buddies, I am super pumped up with the fact that you are as excited as I am on setting goals for 2015, soon we gonna be a family of happy campers. Yayyey ! I know one should not be waiting till the beginning of every year to set goals or become the person of their dreams but New Year definitely is a good time if you haven’t set goals already. New Year is the time of the year when you feel alive not just because of the vibrance in

Oh lord, end of another epic year. How excited are you ? I am beaming with excitement to embrace all the beautiful surprises, adventures and great opportunities 2015 has in store for me. So, how has 2014 treated you peeps? Hope this year has been benevolent so far. I must say 2014 has been immensely eventful for me with all the unexpected things that has happened so far from entering this exciting happiness project (which is still going on by the way), finishing my first full Marathon, climbing my first mountain, confession

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