About Me


Hello lovley come on in. A very hearty welcome!

Bonjour and a big thank you for visiting my space. I’m Maria Jacob an accountant during the day and a writer by night. ”LifePassionandHappiness.com” was born from my love for writing.

I was born and raised in India, started my new life in the city of my dreams; London in 2010. Although buttered and toasted in a small town in India, I was girl who always dared to dream big, be a rebel and never held myself back from plunging into crazy adventures.

I entered into the world of blogging in 2011 (not so regular) but ever since I started my 100HaPPYDAYS challenge I was constantly thinking of creative ideas about living a bold, sexy, passionate, stupendous, healthy and fabulously challenging life. Soon I felt the need for having my own space to pour down all my emotions, excitements, learnings and elations from my new lifestyle ever than before; and after loads of hard work, sleepless nights and devotion my baby was born. If this is your first time here, I have all the information you need to getting cracking under Hello Newbies!

More about me ? I love adventures, new experiences, fitness, getting lost in the beauty and history of new places I travel, ice creams at midnights, chocolates any time of the day, daring mighty things, winning glorious triumphs, and following my heart. More than any of these I love writing my mind out, sharing my thoughts and connecting with you lovely bunch of people.

So stay tuned !!!

If you feel I missed out on anything, Please feel free to drop me a line and Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest for more craziness from me !!!