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Hello Lovelies, Happy Sunday ! Hope everyone had a good weekend so far. I know what you see below is damn tempting, but I’m going to be a your mean aunt here and ask you “not to give in”. I hear you asking me why ? Very fair question, I’ll tell you why and I’m hoping you would agree with me by the end of this article. Have you been deferring or putting a hold on things that are important to you or always dreamt about ? Have you got on sending that job

Hello Peeps, I am truly thrilled to be back with my first personal manifesto “Recovering Perfectionist’s Manifesto“. If you have read my post Its Okay For Things In Life To Be Good Enough & Not Always Perfect, you will know that I am battling with my self depreciative habit of stealing my moments of joy in the name of perfection. From a tender age we are taught to aim for higher and look out for the best. Our minds are trained to look for perfection in everything. Although such thoughts and beliefs

Hello lovely peeps, Hope the fresh year has treated you graciously so far. It’s been a bit of windstorm for me so far with so many things to sort out, shifting houses in London is not an easy game I am telling ya, I can’t wait for this hurricane to end, feel settled and have my feet on the ground. It’s usually during times like this when you get to see the fallen angel in you. This time I am in battle with the perfectionist in me. I know the