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Hi there, a very warm welcome to LifePassion&Happiness ! I’m super-duper excited that you are here to go belly flopping into my world of juicy, exciting and inspiring posts on exploring the lurking happiness within you. If this your first time here, I would not blame you for going all of a doohah about where and how to get started. Do not get distressed my darling, for you have me ! I am going to take you on a guided tour. Are you read for the ride ?

Back Ground on Why Life Passion&Happiness came into existence

Life often takes us on funny adventures and here I am in the beginning phase of one, a challenge called #100HappyDays, a social media experiment which challenges people to take a picture of one thing a day that makes them happy and share it through a social media platform or the project’s website.

One thing a day that makes you happy sounds easy? Doesn’t it? So did I but on the 7th day of the challenge I recognised it wasn’t that easy. I realised that dwelling on the stumbling blocks in my life had already become my habit and it was very easy for me to stay in a gloomy state of mind once I was in it.

What this challenged forced me to do on difficult days was to put that extra effort to pull myself out of this slippery slope of staying in a cloudy state of mind in order to keep my challenge on. Soon I started looking for the best parts even on the bad days and dwelling more on the beauty of life. I was focussing on adding more days to my life where present mattered more than the future, the joy of achievements out beat my disappointments from failures and travelling brought me higher euphoria than adding to my savings. I came to the realisation that self-love is the greatest love of all.

My newfound fetish for happiness made me think about how I had defined happiness in my life and I wanted to redefine not just how my defined happiness but my definition about life. As a part of my self-love road trip I started applying a few set of principles, which started altering my world in ways I could not have imagined and like by magic I started witnessing my life transforming. In my quest for happiness, confidence, greater love and meaning in life I fell upon a lot of information, which was too unrealistic for a beginner. So I decided to turn my new kicked lust for life into this beautiful world of my own “LifePassion&Happiness”. I’m not a full-time blogger; I am a babe just like you with a demanding job yet wanting to find time to love myself, be my own admirer, love my other half, explore world, set goals and see them turn into fruition; all when time is short; so this will be a perfect guide for all who are venturing into the world of self-love, happiness and passions midst the chaos of daily life.

What is LifePassion&Happiness all About ?

My lovely friend, you have everything you need to become the person you always dreamt of being. You are a sparkling gem with so much of radiance within you, all around you. LifePassion&Happiness is all about bringing out that kindling spark in you for becoming a fabulous, ever shinning and a sexy version of you. So here in my world you will find articles on unconditional self-love, fitness, fashion, delicious healthy bites, tips on being your own admirer and living a fabulous life ! I promise to make this a fun ride !

There will be so much more exciting projects for 2015. I can’t wait !!! Wanna join me in this ride ? Oh yeah, I can hear screaming Yeses !!! Hold on tight for its going to be a hell of a crazy one !

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