Hold On Tight To The Wagon !


I bet you didn’t expect yet another return from the dead, and that too on a Monday night ! Oh well, when it comes to me – always expect the unexpected !

As you may recall, I have started my exciting new job. I am so much in love with it that I just can’t bloody leave my desk ! ! ! Reading up process notes, getting my head around the new products and cracking on the month end work whilst learning on the job – it’s all been very hectic – but good hectic. Life is good !

Needless to say, last few months were filled with frequent late evenings and early starts – And once again I let that happen. I have bloody fallen off that wagon. Bad eating habits, coupled with not enough physical activities and my new-found fetish towards the couch, not a good scene, I know ! And that is why I have decided to shake off that pile of laziness in me and get back in action.

So, if you have been walling in similar damage which might have started with that one cheat meal, one morning of sleeping in instead of gym, one weekend of binge eating, or one lazy evening instead of studying. Here is your wake up call darling, pull your socks up and chase that wagon. Get back on it and hold on tight !!!

As usual, now comes my piece of advice ! Falling off the wagon – It happens to everyone, no matter how hardcore a person is.  At the end of the day, we are all humans, we have our weaknesses, and now and then we give in. That’s not all that bad, in fact, there are times when it is much needed. But the danger is getting stuck like a glue to that state of being. Oh boy, its sticky ! Don’t stay there any longer than you already have.

Quitting that All or Nothing mindset is the simple trick to staying on the wagon – Maria JacobTweet This


Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!



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