How 365 Days of Gratitude Changed My Life!


Hello Lovely Peeps,

Yes, My #100HappyDays is over 365 days !!! Words are not enough to explain how excited I am to be writing this post, to be utterly honest I can’t quite believe the fact that my journey towards Happiness has brought me this far. It feels as though it was only yesterday that I started this amazing challenge. Time as always has flown by so quick.

Sometimes what a person really needs is just a story to have a breakthrough, so I have decided to share mine today. If you happen to be the one who needs that quantum leap, I hope my story can help. I am so glad you are here, universe has brought you here.

If you have been regular here, then you know, and for those who did not know, I used to be truly unhappy, stuck in a job I hated, bullied and belittled, hanging out with the wrong people and definitely had one of the most deficient notions of happiness. I used to be that someone who was constantly busy, only that I was busy doing things that did not matter the most, in a nutshell “unfulfilled”.

As in every life changing stories, I had one of those mornings as well !!! I could not recognise who I had become. I looked at myself in the mirror and literally asked this question out loud “who are you”. That was the point in life when I knew there was a whole new layer below the rock bottom people usually hit. My confidence level was drained to its last drop, belief system totally wrecked, and the word “hope” had vanished from my dictionary.

Despite all of the above, I tried my best to stay peppy most of the times, I hate staying gloomy for too long.  So, I appeared happy on the outside, after all who wants to let the world know of their misery. Lets say I was good at faking it, women surely are not new to faking it – we fake it from multiple orgasms to figure nails and false eye lashes. Faking a smile was the easiest of all. #ConfessionsOfAProudFaker.

I wanted to be happy, I just did not know how to be one. One of the most common problems of this generation. That’s when I stumbled upon #100Happysdays challenge which was then viral on internet. One of those times when you say “Hey, universe has played its party, now its your turn to make your move” Before I knew it, I was in it.

Honesty to the nth degree, after a stage this whole thing felt like another fake mechanism, a different type of mask. Don’t get me wrong here, I was very excited and happy wanting to be happy, took that extra effort to be cheerful and all that jazz, but then came a phase where I was deliberately making plans just so that I can click picks – it became more of a click – post routine. I was going out most of the days to have pics, within days I was broke and back to doubting the existence of hope; almost on the verge of quitting, but somehow I decide not be a quitter this time.

#Day39, changed all of that, the day I did Snowdon climb. I was happy – I dint look or physically feel at my best, I was exhausted, yet happy. I was one of those girls who would never pose for a picture when I look a bit..hmmmm : you know what I mean. Only dolled up pics for public, but that day when I was there I just dint care about how I looked, neither did I care about what job I was doing, nor of my dreams and ambitions, or how less I owned compared to others. It was a new experience, what can I say, it was hair-raising-spine-tingling kind of happiness. For the first time I knew the meaning of what people usually say “being present, being in the moment and happiness being a state of being etc”

The whole episode redefined how I had previously defined happiness. I am not claiming that I am 100 percent happy, I know that a closet full of handbags and Louboutin would make me go crazy happy. I’m sorry, I am not Dalai Lama, material things do make me happy. The only thing that has changed is, I have learnt through time to be happy even without conquering it all, only because I know all of those things will come to me. I have learnt the art of manifesting. I attract things and people. You can too and I will show you how.

The first step towards it is practicing gratitude and self-love ! In less than a year, I travelled more places, completed a full marathon, climbed a mountain, moved to a new flat, started my blog and above all took up a new job. Yes, I finally made it to one of the top Tier 1 investment banks, Yayyey ! The every reason why this journey began.

You can bring about changes in your life too by following these simple steps

1. Accept things no matter how bad they are and trust wholeheartedly that things/circumstances will change. “Blessed are those who believe without seeing”

2. Shift you focus from all the things you are desperate for to the things you are grateful for, that is, the things you already have

3. Prepare yourself to receive more (I am compiling a new post on the techniques, stay tuned)

I promise you, things will miraculously start happening in your life !

I have had and still have many friends and readers messaging me saying “Its amazing how you have transformed your life, You are so happy in your life, You have a blessed life and How do you manage to be happy everyday and so on”

My answer to all these questions and statements is this. Remember that I am only posting pictures of happy moments, that doesn’t mean my life is trouble-free. I am not always happy, there were and still are ups and downs, joy and pain, struggles and fears, but in-between all I take time to appreciate the blessings I have. Practice gratitude and Manifestation.

I have come to terms with the fact that Life is actually what happens whilst we are busy making plans. So I accept things as they are and make the most out of it.

“Happiness is a never-ending chase, Letting go is an art and Self-love is the greatest love of all” Tweet This

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