Baribà, Battersea ! A Happy Place !


Hello Superstars,

Your Miss Happy Girl, the rise above her life circumstances girl had a bit of a rough start this morning, after having a small row at home, I stormed out (with my laptop off course) for some fresh air. Not the best thing to do, I know! but hey, everyone has those days, so stop judging me poor :)

As I was walking furious and grumpy, universe played its part and made me walk into what I needed the most at that time, Bariba ! A happy little place to be, especially if you are in a mood like how I was a couple of hours ago. The ambience will surely work its magic on you. It is not only a great hang out spot, but also a peaceful place if you are looking somewhere to read, study or blog whilst enjoying your favourite cup of coffee.

You guys know that I don’t usually review venues on my blog, but after being here for like an hour, I was like, I have got to write about this place. Since I’m NOT a food blogger, this post is more about the ambience. Not that the food was any less tasty. I loved their freshly baked hot croissants, latte & the gluten-free coconut bites.

Maria Jacob LifePassionAndHappiness

To begin with, I was impressed by the way I was welcomed in. The pleasant music, revisiting customers and the Italian vibe offers a relaxed atmosphere. Almost felt like it was a fun community rather than the usual cafe experience, which I loved.

Another interesting bit is the silent comic back & white movie that is constantly on here, if in a grumpy mood like I was, watching it for a bit will sure bring back that smile on your face :)

Maria Jacob LifePassionAndHappiness

Most importantly they have fabulous free wi-fi. For me that’s the key thing I look out for in any place.

Also you get a loyalty card, which will allow you to enjoy your 10th illy coffee for free.

Maria Jacob LifePassionAndHappiness
Not to mention the staffs were super friendly and polite. They were happy to go that extra mile to explain about the Italian delicacies which I wasn’t familiar with.

Maria Jacob LifePassionAndHappiness

So if you pass by 571 Battersea Park Road, make sure you drop in for a coffee, breakfast, wine or yummy mains ! It’s open Tuesday – Sunday from 7am-7.30pm.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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