5 Fun Fitness Hacks


Hello My Fitness Buffs,

Today I am giving the helms to fabulous Samantha Partridge who is not only a fitness sage but also a personification of sartorial elegance. I am sure you guys are going to love her 5 Fun Fitness Hacks. As always, if you enjoy her post, please feel free to shower some love by leaving a comment and letting our guest know how amazing she is.


Fitness sometimes gets associated with boring routines, monotony and dull. But it really doesn’t have to be that way! You make it more fun by mixing up your routine, Here are 5 tips to making fitness more fun and less tedious.

1. Get Your Friends Involved

Whether it’s a lunch time running club at work, getting all the girls together to do the latest DVD or acquiring a gym buddy – fitness is fun with friends. Also when around friends you won’t really care, even if you feel like you are the most unfit person out there, and also you will have someone to motivating you to keep going even when you feel like you can’t do any more.

2. Try Different Classes

Gym classes definitely have that social “we’re all in this together” element as you try to do ten more reps or giggle during squats. Try different classes until you find one that you love. If the usual circuits and legs, and bums-and-tums might not be the one for you, ballet barre, Zumba or Bikram yoga could push your buttons. Once you find a class you adore, you’ll find it easier to go to it.

3. Get All The Gear

I always find I feel better about going to the gym if I love my outfit. Old baggy leggings and a gritty t-shirt are only going to make you feel more self-conscious in what could possibly be the most judgemental environment on earth. Getting fitness clothes you feel amazing in will quell those fears and really make you feel a lot more comfortable. This doesn’t have to be expensive – supermarkets and budget clothing shops all now do their own ranges of fitness wear which is both fashionable and functional. Once you look the part, you’ll feel the part.

4. Set Up Your Home Gym

If you really can’t stand going to the gym and a run around town just isn’t your thing, you might be better off setting up a home gym. YouTube videos are a great way to keep fit and you even feel as if you’ve got your own personal trainer – right in your front room! How great is that ? Some of my favourites are Yoga by Adrienne, Pop Sugar Fitness and Joanna Soh. This is a really relaxed way of working out as you don’t even have to change out of your PJs (although it is definitely recommended that you wear a sports bra!).

5. Challenge Yourself

I often to find it easier to stay motivated if I have a goal that I need to reach. Set targets for yourself and give yourself rewards once you reach them. It doesn’t always have to be food (although it very well might be) – what about rewarding yourself with that new pair of shoes you’ve fallen in love with?


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