How To Get Over A Bad Phase In Life


Hello Friends,

Recently I had the worst day ever, the-world-below-my-feet-crashing kind of a day. I felt like I was slapped right on my face, totally shaken and devastated. Followed by hair pulling and ugly crying. Not a great scene at all!


r0It happen last Thursday and I have been carrying the heavy burden in my heart till today, i.e. Sunday. By this afternoon, I turned in to a living misery, ready to stab someone in the face, wanting to screech and lock myself up in a room; away from any kind of human interactions what so ever.


Time, like always gave me a better perspective to weigh the pros and cons of what happened along with the will power to work things out. Being utterly honest here, I’m still not completely over it: the hurting and the stabbing pain keeps coming back, but I have decided to take control and offcourse, not let it affect my 100HappyDays. I feel much better now and have the confidence and faith in being able to walk out of this mishap in grace and elegance.

 Here are five 5 steps which will help you get over a bad phase (This is how I got back in control) 

  1. Gratitude: I know this sounds insane to be talking about gratitude, when all you feel like doing is swear and curse. No, I am serious. I made a list of all the things that’s going right in my life and felt truly thankful for each one of it. This practise will help shift your negative thoughts to positive.
  2. Make an Action Plan: When something goes wrong, what needs to be done is taking action rather than crying your eyes out (although, that’s what I did for the past four days). Create a plan on how you are going to tackle the issue. Be professional and deal it with a strategic approach.
  3. Prepare Your TO-DO-List: Once you have a plan, it’s very important to break down the big plan into tiny steps, which makes actioning easier. Also striking each one down will give you a mental satisfaction that you are actually progressing and moving away from bad towards good. PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN!
  4. Practice Law of Attraction: Now that you have a plan, that is, knowing what you want as an end result and the steps towards it, its time to manifest. Spend time visualising the successful completion of each step and how happy you will be at the end. Make the mental image as colourful as possible, filled with life, laughter and happiness.
  5. Take control: The first thing that happens after a misfortune is, losing the rhythm of life, which is only natural. Tell yourself you have the power to take things back in control. The best way of doing that is by trying your best to continue your life as normal, as if, the worst has not happened. Make sure you don’t miss your usual gym class, morning walks, time out with friends etc. Fitting in as much activities as you as you can will not only keep you occupied and productive, but also leave less room for negative thoughts.

I know it’s not easy, because its hell not easy for me as well, but guess what? I have decided to sing louder than Kelly Clarkson, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Stand a little Taller, Footsteps even lighter” during this time of misfortune.

I am going to be humming this song every step of my way until I make it through. I’m sure you will make it through too.

Most importantly never forget to Get Dressed & Feel Good

Dress: Forever 21 (Similar) Shoes: Zara 

I know I have not been open enough in this post on what happened, that is because the wound is still fresh. I am looking forward to writing a post on what happened and how I tackled it in detail. Stay Tuned.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!


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