I am a Curly Girl ! Be Brave ! Go Crazy Curly


Today is all about embracing your natural self !

I have had a complicated love-hate relationship with my hair my whole life. The amount of time and money I have spent on products trying to tame my rebellious locks is well enough to drive any sane person nuts. Talking of bad hair days, I have had days where I have gone from wild to eccentric. Needless to say, I have always been, and still is, a nightmare to all my hair dressers. It’s just that with curly hair, you can’t get it wrong, going wrong by a tiny inch can get your just-above -the-shoulders tresses to a curled up ear-length bob. Hey you ladies with curls, you know what I am going all about, don’t ya ?

I used to envy girls who can jump out of their showers, let their hair dry on its own while they go about other businesses and by the time they are ready to step out of the door, the hair looks sleek and smooth. My hair is just the opposite of what I was just talking about, the below pic suffices it all  :mrgreen:


11173584_10152702874776883_567742310_nThat’s me after hair wash, since my hair is nowhere close to what my dream hair looks like, I used to mostly straighten it; and that is, 98% of the times. On the days when I go natural, I have people asking me “Hey Maria, did you perm your hair ?”, “New Hair?” and the list goes on. This whole disowning of my natural hair is not all entirely my fault, after-all I grew up in a world where Pantene Pro-V silky smooth locks were the stereotype of beautiful hair and whenever any of the adverts featured curly hair, it looked nothing like mine.


This is my first post since I got back from my one month-long holiday. A lot has happened since (I am going to write a whole different post on it), of which the best bit is, I decide to let my hair rebel, just as much as it wants to. Yes, I have decided to embrace my curls. It took me 29 years to own what was my own. Better late than never, isn’t it ?



Hair Serum: John Frieda-Frizz Ease Thermal Serum

Shirt: Zara (Similar)

Sunglass: Prada

I have decided to be the curly girl who occasionally style her hair differently for a change, and not the curly girl trying be someone who she is not. It has been so liberating to accept me just the way I am.

Thinking of it from a different angle, I am a rebel, I hell would not let someone try mellow me down, then why should I do that to my hair, it’s just being who I really am :)

Going natural has made me feel in control, confident, feel like me and love myself more.

Who is with me in breaking down the stereotype ? Embrace your wildness, love your curls !

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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