Seize Your Moments !


Twists and turns, ups and downs, bumps and dents: that’s life. What role are you playing in making your’s spectacularly fabulous?

My primary goal for this year was to seek happiness in everyday life. To drench in self-love, dive into new adventures and folder tons of new experiences in my heart. In simple words, to live my life to the fullest.

Majority of the people kick-start every new year pretty much with the same ardour and spirit, but somehow as days pass by, the enthusiasm with which they set goals, tend to fade. I am notorious for getting laid back in life, however this year, I have been making a conscious effort to go after my dreams. So far, this year has been off to a great start (God willing).

Talking of great starts, how has this spring treated you so far? I certainly can’t complain, because currently I am on my dream holiday, and as I am writing this, I am sipping my chilled coconut water (one of the best drinks to beat the heat in India), tranquilized by the soothing music in the background and feeling deeply relaxed; because all this is after a couple of hours of serious sunbathing in a breath-taking infinity pool with visually stunning view of the ocean.


Gazing into endlessness, thinking of nothing, and taking in cosmic energy as mush as I could has been an incredible experience. Honestly speaking this getaway has truly light up my soul. It certainly is a dream come true for me and I am happy to say, it was everything I ever imagined and even more. I can’t quite describe how it felt, some experiences in life are so powerfully immense, and gets sketched deep down in the core of your being, that words are not enough to precisely describe the intensity of how it feels. You gotta experience it for yourself.



Never Forget to


With each new experience you encounter, the more aware you become of how limitless the beauty of the world is to leave it unexplored. Today once again I feel the urge to remind you, inspire you and rekindle the spark in you, to flare with belief in the direction of your dreams.

Few months before I lost my grandmother, she told me about how she started having random flashes of her life events: some of which she loved, and some of which she wished she had done differently. I am sure one day I will have flashes of my life stories and I want to do my best to make it worth watching, with less regrets. Don’t you want the same for yourself?

Life is not about being mainstream or going for the cliché experiences, it’s about making your short journey in this world exquisite.

Start Living The Life You’ve Imagined …


Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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