Style Confidence To Induce Your Happy Hormones!


Hello Gorgeous People,

Happy Women’s day!!! On this wonderful day, once again I want to scream at the top of my voice that you are beautiful, magical, strong and ever so fabulous, just the way you are! I couldn’t pick a better day than today for this topic, being Style Confident! No matter what you think, the whole world is standing united in believing one thing, that each and every one of the us ladies, is a fountain of life, love and strength, and should be celebrated for being the sublime being, as we are!

Coco Chanel once said ”Fashion changes, but style endures”, and I can’t agree more on that.  

Let me begin this post with a confession, I am not a style maven myself and to be honest, I am quite surprised that I am writing about fashion related posts. To me this step is more about being style confident and body confident than fashion really. Nevertheless, being a woman I love fashion anyways. 😆

Certain turn of events in my life has forced me to explore a new part in me, experimenting with new styles to boost my self-confidence and so far I am loving it. As you have rightly imagined, I am eager to share every bits of it with you.

If you haven’t read my previous post A Quick Fix When You Feel Blue, here is a quick recap, I have decided to face the current hurdles in my life without allowing it to get to me in the best possible way I can. Answering the question how am I doing it, I decided to make a simple change in my life, I try my best to feel at my best, and being style confident has helped me to a great extend so far. After all, attaining pre-eminent style plays a major role in self-confidence and self belief.

I totally agree that it’s not how a person dress and it’s the attitude, the attitude beneath your outfit you wear, which can either create you or destroy you. LifePassion&Happiness is my journey towards building that attitude deep down in me to create the happy person I wish to be.

Although you get to choose some of the best things in life, from who should be our best buddies, life partner and flatmates, to simple things like our outfits, shoes and personal style; there will be times when you might be surrounded by people and things which might not really be your choice. And if luck is on the other side of your hemisphere, you might end up being encircled by negative forces, with much stronger defeatism than you could ever imagine. Having to deal with such an environment on a daily basis can wear you down and suck the living soul out of you. As time pass by, you will end up feeling bullied, victimized and criticised constantly.

However, your life will be a living hell only if you allow it to be, you are victim only if you allow yourself to be one.

If you pull yourself together and come face to face with all the negative forces and struggles coming your way, with self belief and courage, your positive energy will radiate, it will shield you from everything that is trying to harm your emotionally.

Next question is, how are you going to face the external forces trying to weigh you down?

My first step towards it was by channeling my focus on all my blessings by continuing my #100HappyDayChallenge (Follow me here if you like to stay abreast of more craziness from me). Since I am a big sucker of happiness, my trek towards finding gaiety and contentment doesn’t end with just one challenge, today it has progressed to yet another step, playing with body confidence to increase my feel good hormones.

Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.” – Coco ChanelTweet This

When you dress confident, you feel confident, and when you feel confident you take control. When you are in control, you will no longer be a victim, instead a survivor.

No, you don’t have to be another version of Audrey Hepbrun or Marilyn Monroe, to feel stylist, neither let latest fashion dictate your style! You just got to embrace your uniqueness and trust me, it is not going to go wrong!

I would love to find your unique sense of style, do feel free to share them on the comments section!!! Oh yes, you rock!
Dress: ASOS Belt: ASOS Shoes: NewLook Sunglass: Espirt

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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