A Quick Fix When You Feel Blue. Look Good to Feel Good!


Hello Lovely People,

Today what I have for you, is a quick fix, and it works like magic! Oh yes, it does!

Lately I am going through a difficult time, last week was a total nightmare, but somehow I got through it in one piece, and still going strong with my #100HappyDays. Trust me my fingers are itching to write all about it, but talking of negative things isn’t the best practice, is it? Moving on…

By the end of last week I was completely worn out emotionally, and it clearly started taking a toll on my health. By last Sunday I knew it was time for me to say enough is enough, stop playing the helpless victim role, pull up my sock and recharge my battery to get prepared for what the coming week had in store for me.

Not sure if this ever happened to you, but for me when things are dull, I stop paying attention on how I look, dress and carry myself, which definitely is not something one should be doing. Very bad example, I know!

Of late, with so much going on in my life, I have turned into a walking cliché girl. Hey ho! here is one more to add to it, “We cannot always choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose our attitude towards those circumstances” Who ever first said that, has a bloody good point out there, dont you think?

So instead of wallowing in my distress and heartache, I decided to snap out of it by facing it with all the flair and style I am capable of. Last Sunday I refused to call it a lame day, instead singed up for a 5k run and got my ever ready photographer come emotional support to get a few clicks for me.

Since Mr life has unkindly thrown me on this battle field, I am not backing off either, I will face this skirmish with style and confidence.

Now the question is how am I going to do it right? Although I made everything sound so dramatic, there isn’t really going to be a bloodshed, just a simple choice, I decided to look at my best till the end of this battle.

I am not ready to let things wear me down, as simple as that.

Confidence is something that should come from within, but at the same time it’s not exhilarating to feel unattractive either, specially when you are feeling low, it will only worsen the situation and turn you into a walking misery. For that reason, dare to be the sliver lining of your grey cloud.

It was so beautiful to watch his seconds-ago-perceived-limitation vanish into thin air. That too live on show !!!

When you feel beautiful, fabulous and style confident, you will radiate, like a twinkling star.Tweet This

Feeling beautiful from within will make you happier, and you know happiness is contagious, don’t you? It will spread to every molecule in your body, all around you and the people around you.

No matter how bad the situation you are going through is, try your best to feel at your best, especially if it is any kind of external force that is trying to bring you down. It could be having to deal with a negative Nancy at work, or having to put up with someone who bullies you, constantly criticise you and make you feel worthless.

During such difficult times its your responsibly to do everything you can to shine, be your own admirer and never let it show on the outside.

Happiness is not all about the big and little things you possess and achieve, but also showing to the world that you are strong.

I think that’s enough of gyan for today :), let’s dive into something more interesting. Here we go, few clicks from Sunday afternoon!


Shoes: Dune

Jeans: Levis

Top: H&M



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