Say No to Negative Self Talk!


Hello Gorgeous People,

How are you today ? I am truly happy, firstly because I signed up for a 5k running marathon happening in June, Secondly its beginning of March, Mr sun is out and it can only get warmer going forward.

Today I am going to talk to you about “Negative-Self-Talk”, mainly because of this little episode that happened early this morning. Just when I was about to sign up for the 5k run, I had these gobbling negative thoughts which kept popping up in my head like those stupid pop-up messages in your computer. “Can I? Will I? No! Do I have the time to train? Should I wait till I am ready?” Does any of these ring a bell?

These thoughts went on for nearly an hour and I must admit that I was almost on the verge of giving it a miss this time, and sign up for the next one which might come up later in the year when I feel more confident. But then I thought, wait, isn’t this what people call negative-self-talk? How can I do my daily affirmations every morning saying “I will and I can” and still fall victim to such destructive thoughts. Wouldn’t that make me someone who talks the talk but not walk the talk? I wasn’t ready to give into these crippling thoughts and said No to my self critic.


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I’m sure you have had those moments as well where you were all happy, and excited about something, then suddenly, out of nowhere a voice from your head pops up, saying something negative, resulting in self-doubt, followed by eroding self-confidence and in no time you end up feeling miserable about your self. Your mind, who should be our best buddy has this annoying habit of turning into your worst enemy at times, mostly when you take up challenges or when things are not that honky dory.

This self-destructive chit-chat that goes at the back of your mind is a universal problem. It surprises me when I hear some of the most beautiful looking ladies talk about their eating disorder. Or when someone who in my eyes look confident, talk about low self-esteem. My question is, why do they even have such problems in the first place? Because of this false perception of themselves they build in their minds. No matter how self-assured, confident or content a person might seem on the surface, time to time he/she will for sure fall prey to his/her negative self-talks. If you don’t pay attention to these whispers in your head, it will turn into a headache that will only worsen with time, wearing you down little by little until you become a low-spirited, down hearted gloomy soul. Such thoughts can creep into anyones mind, even when it is most unwelcome, and the agony that comes with it can be very painful. However, you have a choice, to either take control, or let your thoughts take control. Most of the time you fall victim to such thoughts only because you don’t realize that you and only you are the medicine to the pain you have inflicted on yourself.

So, next time you catch your mind filling your head with self trashing, hurtful and limiting statements, take over the rein in the most elegant way you are capable of. Here are few techniques to quite your self-belittling-talks.

    1. Be mindful of your thoughts: Sometimes, in fact most of the times, people fail because they don’t pay attention to their negative thoughts chiming into their subconscious minds, telling them they can’t, when the truth is they can. If in self-doubt, start paying attention to your mind chatter. Establish if it’s just a thought, or if it is true? For example: feeling like you can’t run a marathon, is nothing but a limiting belief, if you have legs, you can run, even that is not entirely true, because in that case there wont be Paralympics.
    2. Distinguish fact from thoughts: Once you become mindful of your thoughts, you will need to understand if the thoughts which are holding you back are facts based or not. If not, ignore it and move forward. When I meant distinguish fact from thoughts, what I meant to say is, for instance, if you have an injured knee, you should be smart about it and restrain from challenges that will cause further damage, instead of trying to beat yourself up. The kep to is understand your thoughts. To be truly free from your negative thoughts, you must be ready to come face to face with your deepest doubts with courage.
    3. Shut the thoughts: The moment you realise your thoughts are not based on facts, shut the thoughts. Stop letting you mind being a negative Nancy, not even for another second. Divert your mind by watching a motivational video. Internet is a wonderful place, there are plenty of inspirational warriors who wants to help, inspire and support you in becoming the best version of you. Make use of it.
    4. Fill your self with positivity: Think of all your achievements and strengths. Be truly thankful for every single time you won a battle. Be thankful to yourself for letting you win.
    5. Positive Affirmation: Now comes my favourite bit, positive affirmations to boost your feel good hormones. If you tell yourself “you can’t” more often than not, chances are high that after a while, you’ll start believing in it and your beliefs turn into realities. For that reason, tell yourself you can and you will, and gracefully walk out that little prison built of negativity and self-doubt into freedom, self-belief and happiness.

May be you are trying to lose few pounds or planning on writing a tough exam, or stepping into a new career path, or thinking of taking up a new challenge, what ever it may be, do not let your mind become a non stop radio station of negative self talk, instead tune into something positive which will make you feel confident, peaceful and in control. Take control baby!

Each time in doubt, tell yourself you can and keep going, because, sweetheart, you truly can!

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Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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