Protein Pancakes (Low Carb, Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free)

      Hello Lovely Peeps,

Happy Pancake Day !!! Ready for some self-indulgence? If you are giving me that frown, thinking I am trying to ruin your healthy diet, then baby you are wrong! I have a special treat for you. Low carb, dairy free, high in protein, sugar-free and gluten-free yummy pancakes. Oh lord, it can’t get healthier than this, can it? Now that we are almost two months down this year, sticking with those new-year-inspired-healthy-eating-plan must be getting harder. Oh dear! I know that feeling, for that reason, I have no intentions of making things even a tiny bit harder than it already is, and you know why, don’t you ? Because I love you arm loads. Shall we dive in ?


Guess what? my deliciously made pancakes loaded with love, is going to leave your skin glowing, not just because it’s wrapped in love, but due to highly loaded Vitamin E from Almonds. The second most important ingredient Cinnamon, apart from its blood sugar regulating properties, it gives a perfect spicy kick to the mix which I love. Not finished yet, what makes my pancakes extra special, is its high protein contents from the Organic Spirulina powder (Its high in calcium, iron and 65 percent protein). Oh boy, I am sure you are going to love that soft crunchy feel with each bite.


Serves: 2 people


      • Combine all of the above in a bowl and blend (I used Russell Hobbs hand mixer) until all the ingredients are mixed well and the batter is smooth.

Mind you, the batter is going to be slightly green tinted because of our special friend Spirulina. I know it’s not quite the traditional looking mix, but its going to make your pancake rich in magnesium and vitamin B12. Up to you guys. Trust me, at the end its going to look the same and you gonna love it.


      • Heat the pan
      • Add oil and pour the batter onto the warm pan
      • Allow to cook until the edges starts to harden. After two to three minutes, the bottom should go golden brown. That’s when you know its ready to go. Flip the pancake and cook for another three minutes.
      • Repeat the steps until all the batter has been fully used up

Pancakes Ready !!!

That was a quick one, wasn’t it ? Now you can add your toppings and pour some cream on top of those warm pancakes. I covered mine in diary free soya cream (less guilty :) ). Most importantly, don’t forget to take a picture before you eat, haha, only joking, but that’s how I am these days. Before plunging into anything, my camera is out. Oh well, few of those annoying habits of a blogger.

Make sure you try this. Also, let me know in the comments, if you add any twist to this recipe to make it even better. Hope you Enjoy.


Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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