Don’t Forget To Make The Most Important Person Feel Special On Valentines Day!


Hello happy bunnies,

Wishing you all a love filled day !!! Hope each and everyone one of you have embraced the love in the air with all the panache you are capable of.

happy-valentines-day-i-love-you-1  Today is the day for love and celebrating meaningful bonds. The day to pamper and shower the special people in your life with love, kisses and pressies. When I say “Special People List” that generally includes your lover boy, lover girl, fiancée, family and friends, but don’t you think the list above is missing the most important person, the person who knows you in and out more than any other soul in the world, the one who shadows you through thick and thin, the only one who knows if you are truly happy whether you have put on a smile on your face or not. The person who should always be on the top of your list, yes you are right, that person is…YOU-1

On this busy day, whether you are in a relationship or not, do something extra special for yourself and renew that special bond with your soul. Make this Valentines day meaningful and magical by accepting and embracing yourself just the way you are.

This was my Valentine gift to my self :) Relaxing hHom Lavender scented bath salts . I absolutely loved it!


jSince soothing bubble baths have always played a huge role in setting the mood right for love, I started my morning with a long relaxing candle lit bubble bath, followed by my ten minute gratitude journal and mirror excercise to look deep into my self, past my skin and said “I am beautiful, bold, self-sufficient and is capable of achieving everything my heart desires” Oh boy! that was so liberating and felt awesome!



After my self-love ritual I was greeted by these lovely little surpises.


The more you radiant love, the more you attract love. Tweet This

Thats how I my made my Valentince day special, magical and romantic ! How did you shower yourself with love today?

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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