A Month Dedicated For Love! Valentines Special!


? Welcome to February peeps! You know what that means for me, don’t ya ? I am all in that lovey-dovey spirit again. Is it just me or can you feel the love in the air too? I am not sure if it’s the cheesy and mawkishly sentimental songs played in the background whilst writing this post, but something surely is adding glare to the romantic in me. Love is a splendid feeling and I am loving the way I am feeling right now. Bliss with a touch of romance.

I am well aware of the saying “Valentines day is just a commercial holiday” and absolutely resent it. As you probably know by now, I love to celebrate every occasion life presents me. Sometimes I even create my own little occasions to celebrate, like all my 25th, 50th, 100th, 125th happy days etc. Always up for Champagne galore because life is too bloody short not to be celebrating every special moment, be it Hallmark made or not. By the way I am on my day 190 of 100happy days (follow me here if you fancy staying tuned).

I know the title gives it away, also the way I have rambled on about celebrating ever special occasion must have given you an idea about what today’s post is going to be. Yes you are right, it’s going to be about celebrating “LOVE”. However, it’s going to be a slightly different kind of love that I am going to celebrate this time. It’s NOT going to be about making that someone, friends or anyone else feel loved or extra special. Its going to be all about me, my happiness and all the things I love to do. Also, I’m not going to save the romance for one day on the 14th, it’s going to be a month-long celebration of self-love. I am shimmering with excitement to embark on my pursuit to make my next 28 days abso-fucking-lutely fabulous.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” Oscar Wilde [Tweet This]

Why should a person be so self involved, you may ask, and that’s a perfectly fair question to ask. Here is why I think endeavouring into self-love is important.

  1. You will feel pampered and most importantly happy within: When was the last time you set everything else aside to focus just on yourself ? Treated yourself to a relaxing spa, facial, manicure, hot oil massage or a long bubble bath ? I bet you can’t recall the last time that happened, especially if you are someone like me who has your fingers in too many pies. Are you some who needs that extra push to barely be able to hold your head above water because of all the many things you are trying to balance, then baby its time to take a break and get pampered. Give yourself at-least one full relaxed week to focus only on the things that will make you feel good from within. It can be anything, from all those wellbeing treatments like a full on detox Spa day and manicures to aroma and oxygen therapy or body cleansing diets to a yoga retreat. Something that will make you feel rejuvenated. If the idea of taking time off to recharge your battery is making you think of your never-ending things on your to-do-list, please stop and listen to me, it’s okay for few little things to wait whilst you saturate in self-care, the world will not end in a week, your work will still be there, your friends and family will still love you the way they always did. One week will not topple your world upside down, I promise! I know its hard to set self-indulgence and self-care on top of your priority list, but sometimes dedicating some time just for your self is vital. You will be surprised at the fire with which you will bounce back.
  2. You will Learn to Accept Your Flaws: We are happy to forgive our loved ones and accept them for who they are, for the very reason that we love them, but when it comes to our own selves, we don’t always apply the same rule. Are you someone who is always forgetful, messy, careless, absent-minded, emotionally aloof or what ever it may be ? No matter what your flaws are, it’s perfectly okay to be flawed. You don’t have to be hard on yourself for something that is very you, accept that you are beautifully created that way. Being forgetful does not mean you don’t care, being messing does not necessarily mean you are unorganised or being emotionally aloof does not mean you are incapable of love.

    No! your flaws don’t define you. They make you who you are. [Tweet This]

    For that reason, take time to come in terms with your flaws and reason out why you are the way you are. Sometimes understanding the root causes will help you make changes, that is, if you wish to see that change for yourself (not for others).

  3. Open your soul for greater love: I am sure that everyone at some point in their lives have visited that common place we all know, “Emptiness”, regardless of being single or in a relationship. By the way, it’s perfectly okay to feel which ever way you feel once in a while, but the problem is when such feelings start to linger in your mind for too long, resulting in you living in a permanent state of emptiness. The point is not if you have many people around you or not, it’s that feeling I am talking about, when you know all is fine, yet you feel an aching pain from within longing for love and attention without any apparent reason. Have you ever thought of why such feelings creep in from nowhere ? I reckon, the reason for that is lack of self-love. Let me tell you why have I come to this conclusion by asking you a question. Don’t you let our loved ones know how unhappy you are when you feel neglected in someway or form ? Similarly, when you forget to give your beautiful soul, the much-needed love, attention and nurturing, it’s off course going give you back that “how-could-you-not-love-me” kind of reaction and that’s when you start to feel unhappy from within.

    Lack of love starts from within, the first step to greater love is self-love [Tweet This]

    Also, I have noticed that the more I started to love myself, the more love I started feeling love around me. The more your radiant love the more you attract love.

  4. Know Yourself on a deeper level: Just like everything else, we evolve with time and its important to keep track of how we are changing as person. What you crazy about today might not be something of your taste a few years from now, haven’t looked at the ex lover’s picture and wondered about your taste in the past ? I even got my eye tested :). Jokes aside, I seriously thought that I had it all figured out, in terms of who I am and what I liked and disliked, but lately when I started to listen to myself more closely, I realised that I have become a whole new person than what I was a few years ago in many aspects, talking about really simple things, I don’t like long nails as much as I used to before, I have started to like the colour red and white more than pink and blue and I have grown to love out-door activities alot more. I am truly enjoy reconnecting with myself and being mindful of the changes in me.
  5. You Will Start To Live The Life of Your Dreams: Once you start focussing on your happiness, you will find time for all the things which are usually put on the back burner. When you are head over heels in love with a person, don’t you go that extra mile to bring a smile on his/her face ? Similarly self-love will push you out of your comfort zone to bring that same smile on your face. Soon you will find yourself living the life you have always dreamt of.

I’m really thrilled to spend the next 28 days loving my self head to toe and so looking forward to becoming that confident woman I will be by the end of this journey. Now home work for you people, simply fetch a pen and paper and list 10 things which will make you feel pampered and like a princess. Start actioning them one after the other over the next 7 days. Yes, soak yourself in self-love. If you want to see the full results and feel truly rejuvenated, you should at-least dedicate one full one week for yourself.

Now, over to you guys, are your ready to make that vow to make yourself your first priority ?



Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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