A Recovering Perfectionist’s Manifesto


Hello Peeps,

I am truly thrilled to be back with my first personal manifesto “Recovering Perfectionist’s Manifesto“. If you have read my post Its Okay For Things In Life To Be Good Enough & Not Always Perfect, you will know that I am battling with my self depreciative habit of stealing my moments of joy in the name of perfection. From a tender age we are taught to aim for higher and look out for the best. Our minds are trained to look for perfection in everything. Although such thoughts and beliefs were infused in our minds with good intentions, it ends up sabotaging our happiness at the later stages of our lives. We are never happy with what we have because our mind tells us “there is something better”. If we don’t become mindful of such negative self talks, it can result in never-ending agony.

For that reason, I have decided not to let the alluring perfectionism rob me off peaceful happiness. So, I have come up with my manifesto to keep me on track and reprogram my mind to scream out loud that….

Its Okay For Things In Life To Be Good Enough & Not Always Perfect [Tweet This]

  • I am imperfect in a way that attracts, I radiate vibrance through my imperfections
  • I will not allow the powerfully and mysteriously attractive perfectionism to keep me captive of procrastination
  • I will allow myself to be truly happy for what I have and let it be good enough for me
  • I will no longer let my hunger for perfectionism be the thief of my joy
  • I truly believe that my beauty lies in my imperfections
  • I will not allow the mistakes I make to define me
  • I will accept the people in my life with their perfect imperfections
  • I will not let other people’s definition of perfection define my world because my world is beautiful enough for me
  • I will celebrate all of my achievements with a peaceful state of mind and will not let comparison creep in
  • I will allow my failure in perfection be the reason for my personal growth and success
  • I will not beat myself to unachievable level of being
  • I will no longer fear perfection because it doesn’t exist
  • It is perfectly okay not to be perfect
  • I am imperfectly perfect and I am confident to be the way I am

If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” – Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina [Tweet This]

Phew …That felt pretty damn good. Honestly speaking this has been the most liberating post so far and I am sure there will be many more to come ! Stay tuned !

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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