Its Okay For Things In Life To Be Good Enough & Not Perfect !


Hello lovely peeps,

Hope the fresh year has treated you graciously so far. It’s been a bit of windstorm for me so far with so many things to sort out, shifting houses in London is not an easy game I am telling ya, I can’t wait for this hurricane to end, feel settled and have my feet on the ground. It’s usually during times like this when you get to see the fallen angel in you. This time I am in battle with the perfectionist in me. I know the title has already given you a hint on what I am all about today. Self-destructive perfectionism !

Haven’t you had moments when you felt tired of being one of those souls striving to be perfect in all the ways ??? Well in that case you are not alone, join the tribe, I am right here with you; let the party begin. Woo hoo..

A quick brief on why I finally decided to let things in my life be good enough and not perfect: I was desperately house hunting for weeks; Good news ! Finally I found a place I liked and guess what ? Miss impulsive put down the deposit in the next thirty minutes. It was all hunky-dory for a while and before I knew it, I was obsessing and worrying over every little thing that could possibly go wrong. Gosh! Is there a toilet in the house, I got so carried away with the room that I din’t pay enough attention to the toilet (I swear I panicked over a house coming without a loo), are the windows positioned at the right angle to let the sunlight in during summer, oh well there will at least be 10 days of sunshine in London, won’t there be ? Is the kitchen too small, did I jump into this too quick ? I wasn’t asking for too much, all I wanted was, to move to my perfect little house and Oh lord, I just could not help but worry if things are going to be flawless. The fact is, I am pretty much like this when it comes to all things in life. Somehow this little episode struck me real hard on my head and woke me up from the dream of wanting to live in my made believe perfect world.

The truth is, I am not perfect, yet I always let this illusion of perfection steal my happiness at every step of my way and am exhausted. For that reason, today I have decided to put my foot down and no longer play along with this mirage of perfectionism. May be the flat I picked is not perfect in all ways but I have the confidence of queen in being able to turn this house into a beautiful home.

I accept not all things are perfect at the moment, but that’s okay, so should it be for you.Tweet This

Here is why I say so and I am sure we will end this post with one voice. I promise !


  1. You will no longer live with anxiety: On the surface perfectionism is that flawless place where everything is right and all is impeccable, which means, every single element of your life being quintessential. Lets face it guys, it’s just not possible. Striving for perfectionism will only leave you constantly worried, anxious and frustrated. There is always going to be something better than what you have, what is important is how good enough what you have is for you. By getting into the practice of believing that everything you have is good enough, you are doing yourself a big favour by freeing your soul from the prison of apprehension, distress and resentment. Trust me, once you start acknowledging the good in your life, the better will come.
  2. Your will no longer live in delusion: It’s not entirely your fault wanting to live a delusional perfect life, for all you see are pictures of perfect homes, flawless bodies, perfect parties, perfect blogs and perfect everything everywhere, be it Facebook, pin interest, instagram or any other social media platform. It’s natural for anyone to want what they see, but you don’t know if the people living in those stunning looking houses are truly happy, you don’t know if those zero sized flawless looking models have eating disorder, you don’t even know if the person putting up his party picture knows half of the people in the party hall. So don’t let things that seem perfect on the outside wipe away the goodness of what you have.
  3. You will no longer be a Procrastinator: In my post on Procrastination, I have written about why it took me ages to get my blog live. The perfectionist in me kept giving my website abysmal scores every time I was ready to hit the share button. This feeling kept holding me back because of the very high standard I had set in my mind after comparing my infancy to the well established blogs and other sites. In hindsight, all I can say is – once you will have the confidence to tell yourself that everything you do is good enough and is at your best capacity you will start making progress.
  4. You will be more content in life: I hate to say this, but now looking back I realise that I never let any of my achievements give me unblemished satisfaction. Talking of one, when I stood there holding my medal after completing my first full marathon, I was truly happy but then I had this carping self talk “Oh yeah, what I have done is a big achievement but I walked it; a running marathon would have been perfect”. Similarly, I used to always let the hunger for wanting something better rob me of my contentment. Anyways, that’s in the past; I have decided to leave the past behind and promise myself to celebrate all my achievements whole heartedly and unapologetically, because life is too bloody short. So should you be.
  5. You will have more to celebrate: There is beauty in every aspects of our sweet little messy lives. Once you break from the norm of celebrating only perfect accomplishments, there will be much to celebrate.What you think is perfect at the present might not even be close to perfect 5 years from now because not only will your circumstances in life change, you will change as a person, so will your set standard. For that reason, do not worry about things not being perfect now.

Its Okay For Things In Life To Be Good Enough & Not Always Perfect ! Tweet This

The next thing on my radar is to come with my Recovering Perfectionist’s Manifesto that will help keep me on track and I can’t wait to share it with you peeps. Stay tuned !

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