Best of 2014 !!! A Selflove Excercise

Hello Happy Hearts !

Phew !!! 6 days into 2015… Hope everyone had a kick ass start to the New Year.

The past couple of weeks have been an exciting whirlwind for me, filled with goal-settings, planning for a breathtakingly fantastic 2015 and contemplating on all my life decisions. I loved every minute of it ! Although it was exhilarating, the fire of enthusiasm involved in the whole process has worn me out and to make matters worse, I have come down with a bad flu. Sniff sniff !

So, today I have decided to do something that will charge me up. Yes, finally I got some time to do my gratitude exercise as promised. You ready for some craziness from me ???

Here we go, a summary of the best of 2014: my special moments !!!


Thinking of a new #selflove exercise ? How about a sweet little treat for your eyes? All your precious moments flashing in front of your eyes. No more excuses ! Get set and preserve the sweet memories of your 2014 !!!

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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