7 Powerful Tips For Setting Your New Year Goals That Will Stick


Hello Buddies,

I am super pumped up with the fact that you are as excited as I am on setting goals for 2015, soon we gonna be a family of happy campers. Yayyey ! I know one should not be waiting till the beginning of every year to set goals or become the person of their dreams but New Year definitely is a good time if you haven’t set goals already.

New Year is the time of the year when you feel alive not just because of the vibrance in the air or the luring smell of change around you but also because of the celebrations, get togethers and not to mention the spectacular fire works across the global. So, put on your party hat, raise your toast to the fabulous times and begin this year in a special way by setting your 2015 goals. After which you can proudly say that your fun did not end at midnight :mrgreen:

“Goal-Settings” as exciting and thrilling as it may sound; there is one thing I want to warn you – when you set goals you need to take it easy and be very careful with how you set goals else it will back fire leading to further frustrations, depression, backsliding and within no time you will find yourselves back to where you started. Oh no ! I did not want to put you off by what I have said or make you anxious because I am going to share with you few kick ass tips which will help you set concrete personal goals that will stick. Are you ready for a big positive shift in your life ??? Oh yes you are !

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  1. Self Talk: The first step is to have a little chit-chat with yourself and when you do it, do it in style. Fix up a date with yourself, oh yes the best person who deserves to be your date is yourself and No ! I have not gone nuts obsessing over 2015 resolutions. You are amazing !!! Treat yourself the way you expect others to treat you. Pick a good place like your favourite coffee shop, park, riverside beaches or somewhere you would normally consider going for a casual date, dress to impress and above all feel fabulous. Ask yourselves about what you love the most to happen in your life, your biggest dreams, your ambitions, your definition of contentment and all the other little things you may wish to ask yourself. Write down the questions and answers. This is very important because you will be setting your goals based on your answers. Yes, it’s going to be your personal goals; different from all the cliché goals you will find on internet.
  2. Collate your answers and turn them into goals: The main objective of this exercise is to rediscover yourself and understand how you have evolved over time. What you want today will not be the same you will want another 1, 2 or 5 years from now. This is important because sometimes people get caught up in the momentum of chasing their dreams influenced by what others have in their lives and forget what is truly important to them. Once you have the list of all your dreams and wishes; think of all the different ways in which you could add wings to your dreams and set them as your goals. Remember to prioritize you goals and start working from the one that is on top of your priority list.
  3. Slice and Dice your Big Goal: The next thing what I am going to say is the key. You need to perceive the intended meaning of your list of goals collated, that is, you need to understand why your heart desires them.Yes, you need to know what you truly want in life. Is it happiness, wealth, security, true-love, health, wisdom, spirituality or what ever it may be. Once you identify your BIG GOALs, set them as you Primary Goals. Then prepare a list of actions you can take to achieve you primary goals and set them as your SMART goals. For example: If being wealthy is your primary goal, you will have to set SMART goals like getting a second income, saving, setting up your business, finding a better paid job, cutting down your expense etc.  You can have a look at how I set my goals here and also my 10 Resolution ideas for creating your fabulous 2015 for in-cultivating habits that will keep you aligned with your goals.
  4. SMART Goal: Failure begins with vague or weak goals – Michael Kitchens. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. For example: do not set vague goals like “Save in 2015? instead be very clear like – in one year I will save XXX amount of money.
  5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew : As mentioned before, I perfectly get your high spirits in pushing yourself to your limits. I did that myself. If you promise you won’t laugh I will tell you a secret; one of my goals in my initial unrevised versions of goals list was to run a full marathon, forget that I have never run until recently (November 2014), I still dared to put that one down in spite of injuring my knees last month. Oh well, lets excuse Maria for being a bit over optimistic; after all optimism is good, isn’t it? Luckily my date gave me a hard strike on my head for being so delusional so I changed it to a SMART goal; to run a 5k race. Had I still kept running a full Marathon as one of my goals, I for sure would have failed and ended up resenting myself. So do not be a victim to the false hope syndrome like how I was in the beginning; take this date with yourself as an opportunity to know yourself better. Be kind and compassionate whilst settings goal. Always have your primary goals in mind while setting your SMART goals.
  6. Build Accountability: As long as your goals are hidden from the world you are under no pressure to meet them. Build up the pressure for yourself so that it will keep you on your toes, may be not to the extend I went by putting mine up on the internet  😳 . So, start talking about your goals to your mates and family. Look at your goals as the battles you have chosen for yourself for becoming a better self. Do not let the fear of failure control you, haven’t you heard of the famous quote. Every failure is a stepping stone ?                                                                                                                                                                                                    If you fail, we shall get up together from where you fall and will keep going. We are a team.
  7. Mind Over Matter Attitude: Starting on a fresh page can sometimes be scary, I understand and can perfectly relate to this feeling because I can feel my blood running cold when I vision my 2015, yet I have decided to walk into my new year fiercely, boldly and with style for I am on my way to meet the fabulous version of me. We live only once, so live it unapologetically !

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Its time to say good-bye for a short while my sweet angels. Hope my tips will help you set effective personal goals that will stick.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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