10 New Year Resolution Ideas For Creating Your Fabulous 2015


“Hello my vibrant spirits,

It is that time of the year again to start anew.

A new year is for you to become the new youTweet This

One of the things I love about life is its many ways of giving us millions of opportunities to start over from a clean slate. In fact each morning we wake up to immense possibilities to live the dreams you always dreamt, become the person you want to be and make the changes you want to see. Yet somehow we fail to embrace what each day is stretching towards us and carry on with our daily lives. What’s gone is past, for that reason, let us make a conscious effort to leave the stigma of our pasts behind us and welcome this new year with an open heart.

Are you ready for the changes you wish you had in your life? If yes, then its time to set some resolutions which will serve as the catalyst in brining out the best, bold and fabulous version of you. I strongly suggest you to read my 7 Powerful Tips For Setting Your New Year Goals That Will Stick before coming up with the usual cliché resolutions, like go cold turkey, become a vegan over night, gym seven days a weeks etc. I want you to connect with your inner self and come up with your unique resolutions list which will get you closer to your goals. I know I sound a bit serious all through this post and that’s because I’m dead serious about my 2015 New Year Goals & Resolution and I want you to be the same because we are a team, aren’t we ?

I know I always ask you to come up with your own version of things but still give you ideas to pick from. That is because I love you all a lot and want to make things tiny bit easier for you. So as usual I’m going to throw a few ideas right at you to get you kick started.

I have tried to avoid the common resolutions like losing weight, travel etc because I think those should be part of your SMART Goals. I believe its best left in your hands. If you don’t have a clue on what I am talking about; then here in my post on my 2015 New Year Goals & Resolution I have clearly distinguished goals from resolutions. And for you lazybones who would rather have me explain it all over again, let me give a quick brief: Resolution is something that you will resolve to do, ever day, forever. Gretchen in his article has explained the difference between Resolutions and Goals beautifully, if you interested in knowing more I suggest you have a read.

As mentioned I tried my best to stray away from what I think should be goals, and focussed on effective resolutions which will help you achieve your goals by in-cultivating these habits in you. Here are 10 New Resolutions worth considering.

  1. Start the habit of writing your gratitude journal: ”The more you recognise and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for” – Zig Ziglar. There will be days in your life where you might feel like you have hit your rock bottom and on those day, your gratitude journal, that is, if you have one is going to work wonders on your mind-set. I sometimes go through my #100HappyDays pictures when I feel a bit low. It really cheers me up and gives me the reassurance that no matter how grey the cloud may seem; eventually there will be sunshine. Rainbows never come before a big downpour after all. So I highly recommend this habit.

    Counting your blessings makes your life more beautiful than it already isTweet This

    A Thankful Person = Happy Person = Productive Person = More Achievements = Successful You

  2. Reduce time send on Media/Social Media: All types of media are powerful, don’t you get me wrong on that one. I will be an idiot if I think other wise. I know you get what I am talking about here, but still, let me put it in writing for ya. I am talking about spending time meaninglessly on social media going through the same updates which you have already seen, and the many other ways of being unproductive on internet. I understand catching up on updates from friends and family is important and all the temptations that come with it. I have been there myself so I came up with a structured approach on how to use Facebook (which best suits me). Currently check my Facebook in the morning and in the night, that is twice per day to catch up on juicy sensational updates. I update my status when ever I want to but I try not to scroll down the news page and save them for later. I sometimes reply to comments when I get on Facebook to update statuses or publish a post; else reply all at once at night when I come for my second round of meaty reads. So, find a routine that will suit you the best. For me it was Facebook and YouTube videos, I could spend hours on it without even realising it. Similarly, I am sure you have your own fixations, like that catchy soap operas, addicting video games, juicy televisions shows or what ever it may be. I am not talking about wiping these things off your lives, but to be mindful of the time spend on these Effective Time Management = More time for Productive Activities = Passionate Life = Happy You
  3. Get Fit : One needs to get fit and there is no excuse. How you get fit is something you should decide – gym, dance, swim or what ever fits you the best. I am planning to get fit by training for running a Marathon. A Fit Body = Beautiful You = Confident You = Ever Shining You = Fabulous You
  4. Reviewing Goals: What is the point of having a list of goals longer than your weekend shopping list if you are not going to review it against how you are progressing ? Getting into a habit of reviewing your progress on a regular basis will give you the motivation to strive harder, and above all, make progress. The good thing is, you don’t have to do it alone because you already have a buddy. Every month I come back here to review my progress against my goals. I find this a good practice because it gives me the chance to get up from where I have fallen and keep going. If you have read my November post, then you would know how bad I had been in the month of October which gave me the spirits to catch up for my lack in enthusiasm in the following month. So join me in this practise. Lets work together.

    Work on your weaknesses before they turn into habits Tweet This

    Monitoring your progress = More Self-Awareness = More Motivation to do Better = Better You

  5. Start your day with a to do list: If you have been a regular reader here, then I hear you say this. Oh no ! Not that same topic again; haha and I don’t blame you for that. Starting the day with a To-Do-List has been a real game changer for me and because of that same reason I never get tired talking about how great a habit it is to develop. I promise you that this is one habit that will for sure, help you find time for the real deals in your life. Starting Your Day with a To-Do-List = Focussed Work = Time Efficient = Organised You 
  6. Think before you talk: You want to talk your heart out, especially when you have a point to prove, you won’t find a better person than me to understand that feeling. But there will be times in life were the people around you will be diplomatic and shrewd. If you do not play along, it will not be a happy ending. It’s best to talk isolating your emotions from your words and that’s a hard job. I struggle with this so lately I try to breathe, not speak, think and prepare what I am going to say and play the speech ten times in my mind to cut anything gleaming with way too much emotion before I talk. I think this is a good thing to practice. Thinking Before You Talk = Mindful Speaking = Fewer Enemies = More friends = Merry You.
  7. Never stop learning: Learning is something which should not stop at any age, hence you should always resolve to learn something new through out your life. You can set what you are specifically going to learn this year as one of your SMART goals. Not everyone has a thick wallet but that should not stop you or I from learning. The fact that you are reading this right now just means you can learn something new. There are tons of free material online on various topics. So read, read and read. More learning = More knowledge = Wiser You
  8. Spice up daily Life: It’s in your hands how end of each day will look. So get into the habit of spicing up your life. Most of us are living similar lives expect for a few twists here are there but what makes some people’s life different is how they add spice to their lives. For example: Whilst one person decide to lose that extra pounds on their body by running on a treadmill every single day; another person aiming for the same result might pick a more fun way of doing it like a Zumba class or dancing maybe. While some choose to call it a day on a February 14th others chose it to celebrate and rekindle the love and playfulness in their relationship. So, it’s all up to you on how exciting you want your life to be. Spicy Life = Aromatic Life = Envious Life = Fun you
  9. Become Stylish: Fashion comes in and goes off before you know it. I still remember having to throw off all my bell bottom jeans. Argh !!!

    Dare to have your own style.Tweet This

    How you look does not define who you are, but it surely affects how you feel.

    Dare to be your own Lady Gaga Tweet This

    Stylish=Confident=Classy=Attractive=Wanted=Stunning You   styleis

  10. Practice Positivity: “If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don’t, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way.” ? Matt .D. Miller. Make a conscious effort to be the person who says, your glass is half full rather than half empty. Positivity = Less Negativity = Happier Mind = Happy You                                                                                                                      

Hope you will find this useful when coming up with your resolutions for 2015. I will be happy to hear about your ideas from which I can pick a few, so do keep me posted once ready. Another lengthy read ! I know! Sorry guys I love to write my mind out, dint I tell ya ??? This freaking topic has clearly grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and now I’m all set for the next one for you 7 Powerful Tips For Setting Your New Year Goals That Will Stick. Stay Tuned !

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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