Merry Christmas !!!


Hello my lovely peeps,

Wishing you all and your loved ones a merry, fabulous and joyous christmas. May your day be filled with magic, joy, laughter, love, sparkle, pressies and off course the bubble galore the season brings !

By the way you din’t believe me when I said I had been a good girl this year, did ya ? See what Santa brought me this christmas ? The Elf on my shelf has clearly been watching my new-found craziness in capturing very moment ever since I started my 😆 I’m so pleased and beyond happy. So have you been on his nice list ? I’m eager to know about your pressies from Santa.


I know the day is almost over and I’m late, but trust me taking a moment to bounce out of my festive swirl to be back here wishing you all a happy christmas has made my day complete. Yes, I mean it. I shall be back soon with my New Year resolutions for 2015. Stayed tuned !

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