Starting the day with a To-Do-List


Hello Darlings,

How are you today and how does the topic sound? Not that exhilarating, is it ? But hey, haven’t you had those mornings where you felt drunk from a firehose? Dazzled and immobile because of to many irons in the fire ! Well, I have had many of such mornings because of which, on the first day of my?100HappyDays challenge like a good girl I decide to get into this new habit of starting my day with a To-Do-List and trust me baby its going to make a hell of a difference in your life especially if you are someone whose mind is on a constant race like mine.

I hear you ask – Isn’t it going to be a waste of time to actually jot down all the things every morning, a very fair question and I have asked that myself. You might think you are one of those people who have the capacity to store all the things in your brain, but life’s way of throwing random and unexpected things on you will sometimes get you to a point where you will get overwhelmed by the volume of surprises.

Let me give you my story, when I initially got into living what I call a passionate life, there were too many things I wanted to do but too little time, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dreams and blame it all on time. So I had to come up with a plan to fit at least half of the things I wanted to do in life. I felt ready for a big change in my life and at that point integrating at least one of my passions into my day-to-day life stood highest on my priority list and that was the reason I decided to get into the habit of starting the day with a do-to-list; to be able to get into the habit of writing, but as usual it never ends with one thing, does it ?. Once I got into the routine of writing down my daily tasks every morning, more and more things started swirling down my mind, like singing up for swimming lessons, balance my social life, nurturing my love life and many more.

So the question is how do you mange your day when you have your fingers in too many pies ? Answer is simple, by starting your day with a To-Do-List.



  1. Tackle Forgetfulness: On the days when you are running around like a headless chicken swamped with zillions of things on your plate chances are high that you will end up missing things which go at the bottom of your priority list. I stopped forgetting simple things at work which used to often get me into trouble, like giving someone a call back, responding to an email, sending out some reports which are not that important etc. Having the things in front of your eyes will prevent you from losing track of some loose ends.
  2. Work-Life Balance: Most of the times your hard work and time investments help you climb but the career ladder yet there will be times when you will find yourself searching for that missing element in your life. The feeling when you know you are successful yet unhappy. I started becoming aware of the things I was not doing like catching up which friends, writing, signing up for classes etc. So organising your day each morning will help you take control of your work life balance.
  3. Helps set Priorities right: If you assign priorities for all the task and start actioning them based on what is on top of the list, you will feel less like drawing and more like swimming up the water level.
  4. Productivity: By setting priorities you will be better placed on how you should dice you time for each of the task and sub tasks on your list. I started spending less time at work because I was more conscious about the time I spend on each task. What does that mean ? More time for my personal stuff !
  5. Get to call yourself Organised: Most importantly you get to brag about yourself ! I now call myself organised (although I’m far off from what actually “being organised” is 😆 )

So I think you all should start this habit too. Trust me in a couple of weeks time you will find yourself doing the things for which you normally don’t find time. Striking each thing off my list makes me happy throughout the day and its going to make you happy too !!!

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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