Hello December


Hello Lovelies !

December it is ! You guys excited ? I am so looking forward to my gifts from Santa for I have been a good good girl. So how was November everyone ? Has it been a good one ? Have you stroke anything off your bucket list or gotten a step closer to making any of your dreams come true ? Besides have you focused on appreciating the little things in life for the last 30 days as a part of November being the Thanksgiving month ? Since I have not stopped my #100HappyDays; this most rejuvenating habbit of expressing gratitude and acknowleding the blessings has become a part of my day to day life. Once again, have you started your ?100Happydays Challenge yet? No ??? Common what you waiting for. Star now ! And for all the people who said Yes !! – Well done you ! We are a team woo hoooo

I thought a lot about what should be the focus for this month and came up with an idea, but its going to be more fun if you play along. As we are almost closing the year lets take some time to reflect on all the beautiful things that has happened so far. Oh yeah ! when we do things we do it in style, so lets do this in a fun and creative way by making a video of all our happiness moments and little achievements. Trust me ! watching your fabulous 2014 is going to be a hell of a kick start for your 2015, what do you think ? The thought it is already making me ecstatic.

Sine we LPH peeps don’t wait till January of every year to set our goals shall we move on to our monthly goal settings ?

I know October month was quite dull and a disappointing read for you because of which I have made sure to come back with some interesting news for you. Don’t you want to know all about it ? Here we go… I have started learning French ! Have not joined a formal class yet, one of my friend’s girl friend who is very new to London is giving me authentic french lessons in exchange for English lessons. What a fun way to learn when you are teaching yourself. Loving this experience so far. Not finished yet, I made my first entry into the world of fitness and wellbeing with my Triple Berry Banana Blast, all you for, so make sure you try it and let me know how it was. Also, I started running, I run slower than a snail but I am on the roads baby ! I can’t explain how pleased I am with myself for finally getting my arse out there. Hold on, thats not end… I may not be the best when it comes to style maven; yet I got an out door photo shoot done in the freezing cold… Woohoo !!! Locked up my shyness in the cupboard and picked a few clothes out.


As you know I am hell bent upon nailing my existing goals before having anything new on the list, my goals for December is pretty much going to be the same.

  1. Wake up by 6am every morning – I have been pretty good with this one, expect for a few days here and there which I call – being self compassionate.
  2. Write at least one articles per month – Done – This is going to be on the list till my monthly posts become more of a routine for me.
  3. Start working closer towards one thing in my bucket list. Oh yeah baby, we know about the French lessons.
  4. Do serious catch ups on my ?100HappyDays articles – I actually made very good progress on this but I decided to change the format and also add a bit more life to my website, so I had to delete them all, but I promise to finish it as soon as I can
  5. Get back to dancing at least 3 times a week – No I have not been able to fit this one into my schedule.

Happy goal settings lovely peeps !  This time I am going to get back to you before the 1st of next month with my video. So stay tuned.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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