Hello November !



Hello Peeps, A very Happy November !!!

How have you been ??? Hope the month of October filled your hearts with abundant happiness !!!

Wake up peeps, we are already in November… can’t believe how quick this year has gone by. I don’t know about you but I have already started loving November for the very reason that its gotten me so much closer to Xmas. Yayyyey !!! time for celebrations, love and family. I was out this evening and the streets are already lit by Christmas lights, Christmas decorations and gifts displayed in most of the stores, spiced mulled wine is now served in the food markets and to my surprise I found a bunch of people saying Christmas carols in front the station. Yes I can already smell X’mas in the air, can you ???

It’s amazing how years and years ago people picked various themes to represent the different months of the year. So what makes November special ??? It’s the month for Thanksgiving. One can’t pick a better month than November for being grateful for all the blessings in life, a warm-up for Christmas.

So this month, lets focus on appreciating the little things in life for the next 29 days along with our usual goal settings for the month.

Oh well, talking about the goal settings for the month, how did October go? I am going to be utterly honest here and confess that I had been pretty bad. I promise I won’t be a continuous non-achiever.  On a sincere note, I tried and that’s whats important, isn’t it ??? Also that’s why we have the 1st of ever month – for revisiting our goals for the prior month and setting goals for the current month.

I haven’t been back to dance classes yet and its a shame and no steps were taken towards striking the next thing off my bucket list. So my goals for November is pretty much going to be the same as last month. Oh yeah boring, I hear that, but I am not going to jump to anything new unless I tick box the existing ones.

  1. Get back to dancing at least 3 times a week
  2. Wake up by 6am every morning – I have been pretty good with this one, expect for a few days here and there which I call – being self compassionate.
  3. Write at least 1 articles per month – Done – I cant wait to get into this habbit of coming back you guys on a month basis with updates.
  4. Start working closer towards one thing in my bucket list.
  5. Do serious catch ups on my ♯100HappyDays articles – have made very good progress on this bit.

What goals are you setting for yourself ? I’m excited to know !!!

Oh! I forgot November is also the No Shave month “Movember”. If you happen to be a guy reading this, common its going to be a fun way of raising awareness of men’s health issues and you ladies get your man to do it. Yep !!! get set and ”change the face of men’s health.”.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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