Winter Blues

Hows is everyone doing? Hope your week and weekend went well. I had a relaxed week compared to the few manic ones I usually have, but my weekend schedule made up for it. 😛 Talking about my life – my work has calmed down for the month, no more marathon training as before and my ♯100HappyDaysChallenge is almost finishing (I know I must be excited about it, but I’m rather feeling sad it’s almost over). Life is getting a bit slow and stagnant, which is just what I don’t want happening in my life.

My inner self is screaming out load pleading me to get back in action, but somehow with winter creeping in, I’m feeling a bit sluggish. Days have already started getting short and grey and I’m finding it hard to feel like myself. I am soooo going to place the blame on this changing weather which is notorious for creating Melatonin deficiencies. If you are thinking that I’m super intelligent since I’m speaking about science, then I’m not (although I wish I was). I have being reading loads of crap on how to beat Winter blues and this jargon is something I picked up from the medics. 😆 Melatonin is the hormone responsible for making people sleep less, which means more active.

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