♯100HappyDays: Week 2


Hello Superstars,

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Honestly I’m so pleased that you are back for more and hoping to be able to inspire you with some crazy yet simple ideas which will help you add a bit of twinkle to your everyday life. You can read my initial post explaining all about the challenge and why I dived into this little happiness project here and my week one recap here.

You know that I’m doing mega catchup on my ?100HappyDays rather than writing on the same day, right? Catching up on the writings is one of my goals set for October. I know I should have written about each day on the same day. Call me lazy, but in my defence – firstly at that point in time LifePassionandHappiness was still my unborn baby, secondly my work life is hectic and thirdly I’m still getting into this new routine of writing on a regular basis. I’m slowly getting there.

Now if you are wondering as to why am I explaining this all of a sudden ? Because I got the day counts wrong in Instagram. (No, I dint miss a day – just got the day wrong) In Instagram I skipped from Day 7 to Day 9. So it’s here in LifePassionandHappinees where I have the days correct. By the way if you are interested in staying current, do feel free to follow me in my personal Instagram account.

Getting back to ?100HappyDays let me say this over and over again, Happiness is hidden in the simple things, you just need to open your eye to all the blessings.

Day 8: My happiness for the day was talking to my My God Mother (I probably have to write a whole different article of how much I love her, but won’t go on with that here and bore you guys, see I’m considerate). Not sure if you remember, but from ?Day 1 I got into this new habit of starting the day with a To-Do-List. Honest to god, this is one habit that makes you revisit the areas in life which otherwise you will miss. I penned down a Skype date with my God Mother who lives in US, timing was perfect. That’s the magic of organisational skills 😉 . I love bragging – Don’t I ??? Haha

I seriously think it’s a good habit to in-cultivate, what you think ?

Hearing her voice and catching up was bliss !!!


Day 9: Food !!! Who does’t feel happy when they are served UNLIMITED delicious meat ??? My happiness for the day was 4 mile training followed by feasting on some perfectly cooked juicy meat and Pimm’s !!!

10584932_10152162153621883_1267458676_oA better click of the Food Table, see I wasn’t lying, it truly was a feast.


Day 10: You all know that I was training for a Marathon, well what does that mean ??? Having to enter into a new world of Healthy Eating. Yes, I had to cut down on unhealthy eating habits. “Food cravings” is one of the things I find hard to fight against, but hoping to get there one day !!!!

On ?Day 10 I gave myself a willpower test and I came out with flying colours !!! That was my reason for Joy for the day !!! I almost got in Hotel-Chocolate but resisted the temptations and said NO. A very proud moment. Trust me on this, I will happily put aside my biggest rivalry with a person if he/she offers me a rich, succulent and mouth-watering piece of chocolate ! mmmmmm…. that’s how much I love chocolates. I know at my age I should be over with chocolate craze, but hey ! everyone has their weaknesses. Chocolate is one of my many frailties.

Damn !!! Now you know one of my biggest weakness. Does that mean our relationship is growing since you are getting to know more of me? Aweee that thought is making me happy.

So what is your weakness ??? I’m eager to know. I take solace in knowing that I’m not all alone and others have weaknesses too 😈

Have a look at what I had to say NO to, since taking a picture of my proud heart will require a heart surgery, I settled with this pic.


If taking a picture of my heart was an option, I’m sure this might have how my wicked heart looked !



Day 11: Honestly the energy and fulfilment you get when you start your day with any kind of physical activity is just unexplainable. Happy it was a Saturday morning and happier because it was productive Saturday morning.

10572166_10152164835361883_448125849_nFew more clicks taken on the day… Was never really a lover of nature, but getting my arse out of my couch has made my eyes open to the beauty of Mother nature, wow now that sounds like a nature lover, doesn’t it ?




Day 12: 28th of July marks my personal best achievement. The first time in my life I walked 12 miles. That truly deserves a” Happy Moment” title, doesn’t it ? Oh yes, it does !!!!!

Training is more fun if you do it with someone, so just another tip if you are planning on any new challenge, not that you cant do things by yourself. Sometimes it helps to have a training buddy, especially on the days you feel a bit lazy, there will be somone to pull you out the doors.




Day 13: For many ?100HappyDaysChallenge was just another challenge that went viral on social media, but I refused to look at it that way. I even found articles on “Why ?100HappyDaysChallenge was a waste of time”. Still I chose to look at it the way I wanted it to come into my life. I strongly believed it was one of the many ways in which universe was playing its part in helping me manifest all my dreams. I wanted to look at it as a wake up call to attend to all my lifeless dreams. I felt like it was the perfect time to start giving wings and life to my dreams. We have to agree that Serendipity hits life in full swing when least expected, similarly ?100HappyDaysChallenge had come to life least expected but with such great force.

How do you want your life to look like 6 months, 1 year or 5 years from now ??? Do you see yourself doing the same job, living the same routine, practising the same skills or do you see yourself having acquired new skills, living new passions and following a different routine??? This was the questions entering the challenge made me ask myself ”How do I want my life to look 100 days from now”. I wanted to add life to my days and not days to my life, I know this sounds cliché, but these were the exact thoughts I had in my mind

So on Day 13 I booked myself for a mountain climb, my first mountain trek !!! To get to the summit of a mountain was something I always wanted to do. One more thing off my bucket list !!!

Yayyey !!! My booking confirmation


Day 14: There are days when you have to stand up for yourself and make you voice heard. Self confidence is another area I am working on through out this challenge, the confidence to believe in “Me” that I can do things. On ?Day 14 I showed the confidence to get into a constructive argument on something work related and I was able to prove my point. It was such a long day and my face was not in a state for a selfie, neither could I take a pic of my happy heart, so decided to sneak a picture of a happy heart of internet.



Before I run away I have a small little homework for you, think of one think you always want you do but never got around because of time. Make that happen in three weeks and let me know.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!


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