Treat Yourself with Compassion – Self Love !!!


Hello Everyone !!!

Saturday it is… Happy weekend all !!!! So, how are we doing on our goal settings and actions plans on achieving our goals ??? Honestly speaking I have been pretty bad so far, getting back to dancing 4 times a week has been on my list for a while now with hardly any progress, however I have been pretty good with starting my day early so far. We will slowly get there, won’t we ???

As you know I’m at my very early stage of self development, I’m pretty excited to share anything new that come across my mind. So, last Sunday I had this yummy Pizza from Pizza Express, the American Hot with chilly toppings is my favourite, but the moment I finished eating I got this feeling of guilt for ruining my diet and felt awful the whole night. The very thing which made me happy moments ago took my happiness away. Am I alone here or can some of you relate to this feeling ???

Before we go any further, let me make this clear, I’m not advocating unhealthy eating habits nor getting laid back in life but at the same time I don’t think we should get too harsh on ourselves in the process of becoming a better self. At the end we should remember we are doing everything we are doing because it brings us happiness.

Sometimes we get so caught in what we are doing that we lose our self awareness. We get consumed in the little bubble we create for us and forget the very reason why we started it in the first – which is to bring us that little Joy.

There was a phase in one of my friends life where he worked ridiculous number of hours for getting some project live. Every single time we spoke the only conversation we had was about how hard he was working and how unhappy he was because of the time he spent at work. He was so frustrated and unhappy yet every time I told him to take it easy, he had only one answer to give “No, if I don’t keep up to the standards I set, I will feel like I have lost the battle”. He remained slave to his inner critic, the pity was that he wasn’t aware of his addiction to beating myself to this state where at every finish line he started seeing the new line to cross.

Beating yourself up doesn’t always have to be related to self development like diet, work, weight, gym etc. Another recent trend is where more and more people are turning towards finding happiness and fulfilment in lives. When I initially made the decision not to get confined to the mundanes tasks of daily life; I could not say “No” for an answer to any invitations and ended up double, triple and even quadruple booking myself to events. I lived addicted to this persistent insecurity of the Fear of Missing Out. Taking time off to rejuvenate was something at that point in time unacceptable for me, I used to beat myself up to be present at every occasion and fun activity. I used to deny myself the much needed compassion breaks for my body and soul.

Another confession I had from a friend of mine whilst discussing this topic was on how unhappy she felt even though she was actually progressing. She told be that she was almost on the verge of giving up because she is deferring her happiness for that special moment all the the time. “Im waiting for my waist to become a 28 inch, and when I get there, Yes off-course I will be happy on the day I measure but then what, I’m either working on a new new goal or work on maintaining my lost and found 28inch sexy waist”. So when are we giving ourself that tender love and care in this never ending process ?

We live in a world where we are repeatedly made to believe that the only way to flourish and develop is to push yourself to the limits. Such an environment is more conducive for your ego which screams “Don’t Give Up” rather than a kinder self. And for this reason remember to be kind to yourself in this journey.

So the question now is, are you treating yourself with that little compassion breaks? If you feel you are NOT then, lets take a break for some self compassion because you don’t have to feel guilty for not being the you which your inner critic is beating you to be. You just have to be the happy you. Hey ! just a gentle reminder…. we need to keep going after the short breaks !!!  👿

Ahhhh… so let me practice what I preach by taking a bite of my ginormous chocolate cake 😉 .

Have a good rest of the weekend !!!


Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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