Hello, October !



Hey my lovely people, Happy October !!!

Hope everyone had a happy start. The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes this morning was the beautiful rays of sunlight trying to sneak through my window drapes. Not a bad start for an October in London.

The slight frostiness in the air, the beautiful tint of red, orange and yellow colours on the trees, the golden shades of sun and the crackling sound of the fallen leaves as I walk makes Autumn one of my favourite months. Since October kicked in so well and pleasant, shouldn’t we greet it with a new flush of energy and happiness ???

I’m pretending like I had ‘Yes’ for an answer, so lets make use of this new rush of energy to set a few goals for the month. No, we don’t have to wait till New Year to make resolutions and set goals. Common play along and lets do it.

I am hoping you all to have a bucket list by now, if not make one now, It doesn’t have to be long, just come up with five things you really want to do. Once that is done, lets move towards setting our goals for October. You are allowed to cheat a bit by having easy to achieve goals for the first month, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself, because I don’t I don’t like to beat myself to unrealistic targets. So baby steps.

So my goal for the months is

  1. Get back to dancing at least 3 times a week
  2. Wake up by 6am every morning
  3. Write at least  1 articles – I want to get into the habbit of starting every month setting few goals
  4. Start working closer towards one thing in my bucket list
  5. Do serious catch ups on my ♯100HappyDays articles

What goals are you setting for yourself ? Please share them in the comments


Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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