Bucket List Ideas – 101 Things To Do Before You Die



“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years” ~Abraham Lincoln

So are you ready to add more life to your years? Here go we…

100 Bucket List Ideas for you to consider. I have tried my best to add a touch of excitement, fear, self-development, craziness, wackiness, fun and simplicity in the list so you will have a wide range to pick from. Also few of my kind friends shared a few of their crazy dreams with me which is on the list.

  1. Fall in love (Don’t settle just of the sake of it – break off the ties and find true love, you are definitely going to come back to me and say it was worth it)
  2. Turn you passion into your career
  3. Be brave to change careers
  4. Own your own company
  5. Own a house
  6. Own a car
  7. Make Someone truly happy and find happiness in that
  8. Complete a full Marathon
  9. See the Giza’s Great Pyramid
  10. Enjoy the Northern Lights
  11. Climb a Mountain
  12. Cycle across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
  13. Perform in Rio Carnival
  14. Walk the Great Wall of China
  15. Visit the Ancient city of Petra
  16. Try an extreme sport like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding or Sky Diving
  17. Achieve your ideal weight
  18. Learn a new langauge
  19. Learn to play at-least one musical instrument
  20. Take up a new passion and try to excel in that
  21. Go Scuba Diving
  22. Surprise dear and near ones
  23. Fly in Hot Air Balloon
  24. Party Hard till morning
  25. Further your education
  26. Go on Road Trips
  27. Go Swimming with Dolphins
  28. Bake a cake
  29. Conquer your biggest fear
  30. Go on a meditation re-treat
  31. Experience Out-Of-Body-Expereince
  32. Mend Broken Relationships
  33. Dont hesitate spending on your favourite brands. Own at-least one item each, be it a bag, shoes, watch, scarf or whatever. Remember money is useless if not used.
  34. Fly a Helicopter
  35. Go on a cruise dinner with your partner/friends
  36. Help someone in need
  37. See a Masterpiece
  38. Volunteer to do some charity work at least once in your life-time
  39. Fly First Class
  40. Drive a super car
  41. Visit all the 7 wonders of the world
  42. Get Married – Live Happily ever after
  43. Win an award
  44. Own a pet
  45. Try river rafting
  46. Visit Taj Mahal
  47. Visit London
  48. Visit Vatican
  49. Create your Masterpiece
  50. Have your own proud story to tell
  51. Become Rich (take a second job if needed)
  52. Inspire, touch or mentor at-least one life
  53. Learn to say “No” without guilt
  54. Write a thank you letter
  55. Make love whilst the stars and moon watch over you.
  56. Learn to make you own favourite cocktail
  57. Experience the desert safari
  58. Sponsor a child’s education
  59. Eat at one of the worlds best restruarant
  60. Visit exotic location, forgot who you are for a day, eat and live their way
  61. Don’t be afraid to start a new life in a new city
  62. Watch a Sun Rise at Stonehenge (Or somewhere beautiful)
  63. Build your dream home
  64. Bike on the highest peak of the world, Leh Ladakh
  65. Be confident to try different fashions, cloths and styles
  66. Start saving (will come handy to make all other 99 things on this bucket list come true)
  67. Visit an orphanage and host an event to cheer the people
  68. Build a six pack body
  69. Make long lasting friendships
  70. Take a break from work for at least a month and pursue your happiness
  71. See the Great Barrier Reef.
  72. Visit Stonehenge
  73. See an active volcano
  74. Experience the Gondola ride in Venice
  75. Donate Blood at-least once in life
  76. Dinner at London Eye
  77. Party in a Limousine
  78. Go Skinny dipping in France
  79. Spend a night in an over water Bungalow
  80. Swing at the Edge of the world in Ecuador
  81. Be a part of Holi Festival at least once in your life
  82. Make a Snow Man
  83. Do your portfolio
  84. Let go of a Floating Lantern in Thailand
  85. Get to the top of Eiffel Tower
  86. See a broadway musical show
  87. Finish a Journal
  88. Throw a coin and make a wish at fountain Trevi
  89. Complete a Challenge
  90. Watch the sunset at Santorini, Greece (Anywhere really)
  91. Learn to cook your favourite dish
  92. See you country play in world cup
  93. Take the Edge Walk on the CN Tower in Canada
  94. Go for a Skiing Holiday
  95. Hit Bull’s Eye on a Dartboard
  96. Know the history of at-least one country
  97. Add a love lock at Love Lock Bridge in Paris
  98. See Niagara Water Falls
  99. See a Moulin Rouge show
  100. Treck the amazingly beautiful Himalayas.
  101. Prepare your Bucket-List

We live in a world were its ridiculously easy to get caught up or influenced by other people’s perception towards happiness. Don’t let that happen, what is right for you might be wrong for the others, but what is important is paying attentions to what is right for your heart.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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