My Bucket List – All the things I want to do !!!


Hello Friends !

Im sure you are feeling amazing today and thats why you are here looking for some ideas for your Bucket List. And Hello !!! you people who happened to fall upon this article by chance. In case if you are wondering what on earth is this woman going on and on about. “Bucket List” is a list of all the dreams you want to turn into reality, all the goals you want to complete and all experiences you want to own before you die.

So, If you are here looking for some ideas then I have them already prepared for you in my article –101 Things to do Before You Die. See I can be very sweet sometimes :)

If you don’t have your bucket list yet, take a pen and paper and start jotting down all the things you always wanted to do right now (but remember to come back and finish reading this article, so I’m excited to share my bucket list with you).

Also I want to tell you as to why I think it is so important you have one. If you live a life without dreams to accomplish and goals to achieve, chances are high that you will get stuck in the whirl of day-to-day activities. Soon one day you will wake up to realise that you have long forgotten who you really are, Im sure you don’t want that to happen to you because I don’t want that to happen to you. So make one now and make me a proud mommy ! (Din’t really like how that sounded, never mind, going to move on to finishing my Bucket list).

Whao, the thought of adding wings to my dreams is so freaking galvanising ! I bet you will know what I am talking about when you create yours. So here we …..

  1. Visit New-York. Concrete Jungle where dreams are made off …..
  2. Walk around Wall Street and a run in Central Park.
  3. Girly Trip to New York – Party till late night and take a Chinese take away on the way back (By now you can say how much I love Sex and the City)
  4. Visit Eiffel Towel
  5. See Paris in the night from Eiffel Tower.
  6. Have Dinner at Eiffel Tower
  7. See a masterpiece
  8. Get an absolutely flat tummy
  9. Publish a book
  10. Ride a Horse – Not sit on it and click a picture but actually ride it.
  11. Go Sky Diving
  12. Do the Hot Air Balloons
  13. Watch sun rise
  14. Watch sun set
  15. Learn swimming
  16. Swim with dolphins.
  17. Go snorkelling
  18. Go Scuba diving
  19. Get into a consistently healthy eating habit
  20. Learn Driving (Yes I know – Its a shame I can’t drive, but hey I’m sacred of traffic)
  21. Start cooking at-least 4 times a week (fed up of ready made meals)
  22. See all the seven wonders of the world.
  23. Tent in Himalayas.
  24. Own an apartment.
  25. Have a convertible car.
  26. Turn my passion into career ( a bit secretive about what that career would be – see I do keep somethings private)
  27. Have job that will earn above £100,000/annum (Always dream big babes)
  28. Visit Israel
  29. Be able to speak in public
  30. Climb a mountain
  31. Win an award for my blog.
  32. Complete a full Marathon
  33. Have my Portrait painted and hung on my wall (Yes I am self obsessed – so what ?)
  34. Learn a foreign language
  35. Bake a cake
  36. Learn to make chocolates
  37. Inspire women through my writings
  38. Learn to forgive (5 people in the list – 2 down)
  39. Donate money and have my name on a bench in a park (Want to leave my footprint before I die, don’t you?)
  40. Visit Vatican
  41. See the Northern Lights
  42. Perform on stage
  43. Have my own company
  44. Learn to play a musical instrument
  45. Sleep open air watching the stars and wake up to sun-light
  46. Take a picture sitting on a tiger (I don’t mind Lion either – very flexible on that one)
  47. An elephant ride
  48. See the Colosseum
  49. Get inside the New-York Stock exchange and hear people shouting on phone making deals.
  50. Be able to run (Currently I cant run for more than two minutes, yes two and I’m not exaggerating)

Having too many things undone makes me depressed so Im going to stop here and focus on getting as many strikes as I can. Join me in this wonderful journey by making your own Bucket List now and start living you life with passion and of course in style.

Do share your Bucket-list in the comments, I would love to see all the wonderful things what you want to achieve.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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