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Hello People,

Welcome to my 100 happy days. Hope you enjoy my road trip to happiness.

On 16th of July I entered in this amazing project ?100HappyDays. You can read my initial ?100HappyDays post here; where I have written all about why I entered this challenge and what is it all about, but incase if you are rather feeling like being a lazy bum I will give you a quick overview. How does this challenge work? The challenge requires you to take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for one hundred days and share it on any of the social media websites or their official website. What does this challenge aim to achieve ? Introduce you to the habit of living the moment, being thankful and acknowledging the little seconds of happiness in your life. Why should you be doing this challenge ? Because it is a pretty damn easy way of getting into the habit of expressing gratitude. All you need is a camera and an internet connection – you don’t even need a social media platform, as you can just send your photos in to their official website. Have you decided to give it a go yet? Trust me this is going to be a fun, effortless and instantaneous way of practicing the habit of thanksgiving. Come on, what are you waiting for Enter the challenge !!!

I’m going to dive into the recaps with any further ado. Hope you enjoy the ride !

Day 1: This is what I had in my mind on the first day – make a baby step towards something that will make me a Tiny-Bit-Better-Person than I was the day before. I started this new habit of starting the day with a To Do List.


Day 2: You all know by now that I have become this new organised soul who have a To-Do-List by morning 9:30am. (I know, I know !!! I don’t qualify as one of those super inspiring people who start their day at 5am – well baby steps baby – we will get there one day  😛 ). Okay so getting back to where we were, because of my new organised life style – I even planned what I would do during my lunch break instead of eating in front of my desk reading my favourite Daily mail or Cosmo !

I decided to take a stroll down river Thames. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was amazed at the number of people who were actually out there taking time of their schedule and enjoying the afternoon, most importantly enjoying their lunch.

Before I forget, the best element of the day was: I ate my Love Bars without counting the calories and took a selfie with a tourist !

Life is only as beautiful as you make it, so make it beautiful !

image (23)

Day 3: ?Day 3 was an eye opener ! I was woken up to the facts of the situation by a tiny little hurdle on the day. It was a spanking cognisance of how big a commitment I had made. Not sure if you read the official page but 71% of the people who singed up could not complete this challenge. I am not the best when it comes to maths but hey, I can clearly say that was more than half !

It was a friday and one of my friends stood me up. Gosh ! what a horrible thing to happen on a friday when you clearly had a very bad day at work and then you text all the people you know but each and every one of them has a life on friday night. To make matters worse it was one of my mood swing day. Then I though about this glorious blog that I wrote “Being Happy in own Company”. I did not want to be this all-talk-person. So this walk the walk person in me dragged me out of my house to look for something that will bring a smile of my face.

“There is nothing more empowering than loving your own company, for its in your own company where you will find your lost self” – Maria Jacob

I walked into a church – sat there for a little while listening to the choir practise. It was peaceful. When was the last time you had a peaceful time all by yourself ??? Its amazing. Do it soon!!! It reminded me of my school days when I was in a choir ! God knows what my mom was thinking when she took me there haha.

Church followed by a little friday treat – and a long walk home enjoying night lights. Once again – Life is only as beautiful as you make it, so make it beautiful !

image (25)

Day 4: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ? Lao Tzu.

Oh ! what a beautiful line ….

A day of love !!!! I never really celebrated love unless on a Valentines day, so its was a change to appreciate love on a normal day. Spend an entire afternoon at the Royal South Bank centre at the “Festival of Love”. Read beautiful love letters, well written poems on love, funny stories on Break ups and delicious street Food.

I quite like the idea of calling one random day a “A day of love” and appreciating the special person in your life. I’m so going to do this again.


Yummy Love Food Served Hot !


Moments of Laughter … 

10484808_10152153331681883_666615218_oThe Love Tunnel …..


Day 5: British Summer …. 10 days of sunshine !!! My first year in London I waited and waited for summer, until one day someone told me “Babe summer is over”.  Do I really have to say more ?? For this reason, on the days when Mr Sun has his hat on, people make the most of it. The streets become livelier, air gets more vibrant, parks get crowed and happy faces are out in their sexy summer wears. The best time for Barbecues, Food and Music… So I decided to make the most out of the sunny sunday too !!!

The day started with the ultimate Argentine Grill, meat specially prepared by an Argentine (Leo). When it comes to barbecues, he always took pride bragging about the quality of South American meat, but once you taste it, you kind of have to agree. Its yummmmm… Good food makes me happy !!! I was excited to take the pictures for my ?100HappyDays, doing this challenge has made me more thankful and appreciative of the life I have. There must be loads of lonely people in the world, missing good company !  I felt blessed for having a good afternoon with great company. It’s amazing how looking at things from this angle is making life seem more content.

Evening was dedicated for some girly time with my ever effervescent friend Mary Anne. Later part of the evening was filled with ice-cream, gossips and cocktails.

Did I really have wait for a ?100HappyDays Challenge to start celebrating life ???


Day 6: A very happy day indeed – Headed for an after work catch when Suzy darling told me about the upcoming Marathon. I wasn’t even a member of a gym (which I’m still not by the way), yet we decided to sign up for the Marathon “Shine Night Walk”, and not even a half; a full Marathon : 26.2 miles. The point to be noted here is: Our level of fitness was close to ZERO, well lets blame the wine.

Not sure if this crossed your mind, but don’t you think that our life, circumstances and things around us starts to change when we change ??? It is astonishing how new pathways begins to open up our way when we are aligned with our passions.

Probably one of the few spontaneous decisions I have made !!!! So what is going to be your next spontaneous act ??? Let me know.

10512170_10152157169406883_1118680681_oDay 7: Who doesn’t have difficult days at work ??? I had a very rough day at work. So what do we do on the days when life tries to bring you down ????

If you are a girl then Shopping therapy off-course !!! Decided to go for shopping after work. Guess what ??? There was sale going on. Anything at reduced price makes be super duper excited !!! Yes, my camera was out, my happy moment for the day.


Since a bit of shopping charged me up I decided not to skip my training just because of a bad morning. I was thrilled to train leaving all the negativity behind. I felt like a super woman who doesn’t let negativity drag me down. ?Day 7 You would think it’s quite impressive if a person can learn to do that in a week, won’t you ??? I thought so too, however this air of positivity did not last too long. After half an hour of walking, my mind slowly started to drift. I started thinking about how the day went. My mind started playing different versions of what happened over and over in mind and I got back to being that miserable person. Lately I have been reading tons of article on how to stay positive and happy, Being Mindful of Your Thoughts is crucial in the process of becoming a happy person. For that reason, I had to tell my mind to bloody shut up and looked around for something pleasant and soothing for my heart. See how beautiful the sun looks before he goes to bed ???


What should be my next happy thing to do was my next question and came up with an idea – “Gratitude Journal” before hitting bed.

Trust me, there will always be something to cheer you up, but that is only if you are willing to look around, So Look Around for Happiness !!!!

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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