Entering The Challenge !


Hey My Happiness Lovers,

I’m so glad you are here !!!

Let me tell you one thing guys, Happiness is going to be a reappearing theme of this blog, after-all its called LifePassion&Happiness. The truth is, I did not sing up for this challenge because I own a “happiness blog” instead today I’m the author of this happiness blog because around 15 weeks ago I decided to make a change in my life by being part of this amazing project “#100 Happy days Challenge“. How does that sound now ? Amazing huh ?

I can be a bit moody at times but honestly most of the times I like to stay vibrant and happy. Nevertheless somewhere down the lane I fell into this place. This very haunted place where I kept obsessing over things I wanted to conquer. I was going through a phase in my life where I had placed my entire happiness in one thing. “Finding my dream job”

Something inside me kept screaming “this is not somewhere you are supposed to be” and it was really disturbing. I tried to ignore it, be appreciative of what I have and take it as a stepping stone, but with time the noises in my head only got louder and louder to a point where I could not bear it any longer. Time was passing by and despite the effort nothing was really working out. Things started getting worse as days went by.

I could not stop myself from feeling miserable, desperate and impatient. I stopped appreciating all the good things around me for the one thing I did not have. I had completely forgotten the power of now. My happiness was being stored for the one thing that was missing.

Not sure why, but I had convinced myself that the true happiness I deserve will be bestowed upon me once I land where I ought to be. I know this sounds quite lame when there are bigger problems in the world, but hey, if I don’t care enough about my problems, then who else will ? The truth is, we all care about our problems, but do we care enough to fix the problems ? That’s the question that changed my attitude towards the dealing with the speed bumps in my life.

I missed being happy and there I was back in the field, on the look out for new and fun ways of finding happiness. Within days I stumbled upon this challenge which was quite viral on internet, and there you go, I was in it before I knew it.

What I need the most at that point was a big shift in focus and that’s what entering this challenge gave me. Focus from the one thing I did not have to all the things I have. In hindsight all I can say is never hoard your happiness for that one thing you are longing for at this point in time. Trust me, it’s going to come to you. Meanwhile be the happy person you deserve to be 😀

So the next questions is, who is going to join me in this challenge ? All you need to do is sign up to the challenge on the official website and at the end of it you can oder a book with your 100 days of happiness pictures, How cool is that going to be ?



Our lives are only as marvellous as we make them, so let’s go out there and make it marvellous!

Now if you what to know why you should be doing this challenge, here is what they have to say !


Hey peeps, I’m going to be extra sweet and helpful here by giving away some tips (which I learnt the hard way off-course !!!).

A biggest tip for keeping the challenge going is to understand that “More often Happiness remains hidden in the simple things”.

This challenge is not all about going out, eating out and partying pictures because within days your wallet will be hit ! This about getting into a habit of appreciating life at-least once every 24 hours ! Good luck !!!!

Welcome to my #100HappyDays !!!!

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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