Being Extra Ordinary !

What makes a person Extra Ordinary ???
Have you ever wished being an extraordinary person or ever wondered how to live a life which would make you a bit more special or ever thought of taking a step towards finding your own awesomeness ???
I was reading a lot of articles on how to become an extra ordinary person, the qualities that makes a person extra ordinary, the ten steps to becoming a super human, the ten common characteristics which most of the successful people possessed and so on. Reading about truly extra ordinary people who have astonished the world with their inventions & accomplishments was doubtlessly inspiring but at the same time made me feel like it was crazy difficult and seemingly impossible to become an extra ordinary individual because their achievements were on a level way beyond my horizon. I’m sure there would be a few people who might feel exactly the same way as I did. Whilst trawling the internet for articles on this topic I stumbled upon this very interesting story in Telegraph which changed my view on “being extra ordinary”.
It was about a very ordinary man Richard Roberts who raised money in a novel way for a Ectopic Pregnancy Trusts to get over his depression when he and his wife lost their first baby to an ectopic pregnancy. In 2012 he decided to do one new thing every day for the next 365 days. He created a blog detailing the new ventures he did each day of 2012 and raised money by asking readers to donate a penny for each of the new things he did. Some of things he did was challenging like climbing the Eiffel towers & learning archery, some adventurous like holding a snake, spending a day flying hawks & Wrestling, some funny like posing as a mannequin, eating a deep fried mars bar & a nappy changing contest, some exciting like spending a evening at a charity event with Prince William & Kate and some ordinary like cooking a roast dinner, rescuing a piglet, introducing himself to the next door neighbours, building a garden bench, joining a choir etc. On the 366th day this ordinary man turned extraordinary by accomplishing his mission. He raised over £ 2000 pounds and is a hero to his thousands of followers.
If you notice Richard’s “list of new things” ranged from simple deeds to the most exciting and inspiring ones. His acts were indeed a great way of teaching us that being extra ordinary can be in many ways and forms. Its not always about inventions and success but also about living a remarkable life :). This man taught me how utterly simple yet hard and challenging it is to be an amazing human being.
Unfortunately there are no guides or set rules that we can follow to become an extraordinary or truly amazing person. Each one of us have to find our own way of being Special just the way Richard came up with a novel idea. Whilst some fascinating people like Einstein, Edison, Newton, Disney etc who the whole world describe as extra ordinary created wonders the others like Mother Teresa on their quest to find their amazingness ended up making world a better place. Yes being extra ordinary comes in different forms & ways, after-all there is the word ordinary in “extra-ordinary”, it is the “extra” bit what we need to add into our lives.
As a start to exploring the heights of my amazingness I have decided not to settle for a life of just going to work every, getting back home and watching my favourite series on television but to step outside my comfort zone and start learning something new, find a new passion, start reading auto biographies of interesting and inspiring people and carry out small acts of kindness.
Leading a remarkable life is not going to be an easy walk but each step towards being exceptional will be worth it.

Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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