Right love at the wrong time… How to handle such Break Ups & Good Byes !!!



Hello Peeps,

How are you today ? Are you thinking of that someone who you shouldn’t be thinking of ? Are you looking for the closure that you never had at the time you said good-bye ? Are you looking for tips on how to forget that face which keeps flashing back ? Oh dear, you don’t have to fight these feeling nor suppress them; just let them be. Break-ups can be aching and nasty, especially if it was a perfect relationship, where you felt like you found your right fit. Unfortunately some of the relationships we break into, although it may seem promising and everlasting; it is short-lived.

Short lived yet Beautiful ! A Relationship yet No name ! We encounter such kind of relationships at-least once in our life time. They are the hardest of all when it comes to saying “Good-Byes”.

It is wonderful to have a companion with who you can complete your journey. A Long lasting relationship is what most of us long for, but unfortunately some relationships come with an expiry date; yet remains to be the best you have had so far.

I am a person who tries to analyse and find reason for everything that happens in my life and so I can say “Nothing happens by chance”. All the people who are/were in your life are/were there for a reason; to serve a purpose. May be the “wrong” ones entered your life for a short span of time to open you heart to things you would have never seen or felt otherwise.

Sometimes from nowhere when least expected some people come into your perfectly balanced life at its heightiest peek of normalcy with a storm and when they leave, they leave your life chaotic along with a strange passion to strive. At the time it may seem painful and unfair but in reflection you will realise that without overcoming those obstacles you would not have unveiled your true potential, strength and will of heart. Like they entered your life to serve that purpose or to gift you a few precious moments before the good-bye.

Whilst other times the so-called wrong person step into your chaotic life from nowhere to calm it down and help you get through it. Like a ray of sunshine which signifies the end of a hurricane and when they leave, they leave your mind open because they have taught you how to see world differently, see colours even on a plain grey wall, hear the music in very silence and see the good in every bad. Oh !!! they leave you with this strange passion towards life turning you into survivor, but some how during the course of time you lose them. Like they entered your life only to serve that purpose, like that’s how it was meant to be.

It’s seldom that you find someone with who you can connect to a deep level and feel the spark from the very moment you lock eyes with each other. And you know from the very start that this person is going to shake your life in a profound way; your heart will warn you before you take the first step, yet you chose to make the move and there you are in it ! Living it ! My question is, if you have gone against all the red signals and alarm bells to share special moments and built a memory lane together, then why hold grudge after having to say “Good- Bye”.

Do you really have to hate that someone just because it was short-lived ? I don’t believe in hating someone you once loved. Short term relationships happen in lives for a reason, may be the two of you were meant to be in each others lives to fulfil some stranger purpose or teach that lessons which you might not have learnt otherwise or help figure our who you are and who you want to become.

It is so strange how some of the undefinable relations define you before it ends and the best way to deal with such good byes is to not let our rationale mind find rationale behind every irrational behaviour in that person. Timing in life plays an important part and if you have caught someone at the wrong time its unlikely the person will stay long, so don’t take it personal instead be thankful to life for opening your eyes to a part of world which you would not have otherwise known it existed.

Acceptance is the Key ! Let it go knowing that it will never come back to you and allow the memories to bring back a smile on the face and not tear in your eyes.

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