Procrastination !


Hello Lovelies,

Happy Sunday ! Hope everyone had a good weekend so far. I know what you see below is damn tempting, but I’m going to be a your mean aunt here and ask you “not to give in”. I hear you asking me why ? Very fair question, I’ll tell you why and I’m hoping you would agree with me by the end of this article.


Have you been deferring or putting a hold on things that are important to you or always dreamt about ? Have you got on sending that job application you been thinking of ? Booked your language classes that you have been wanting to go since ages ? Started working on you passion in life ? Registered to a gym yet ? Or even changed your look ever since you felt the need for a new look ?  If  ”No”, then you are not alone; this crippling habit is very infectious. I wanted this website up and running about a year ago but never happened until today; so I wanted this to be my first topic “Procrastination”. (Woo hoo ! My first post; trying hard to keep my excitement aside and carry on).

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I have to confess that am not perfect myself at this point and is still in battle with my own bad habits which incapacitate me from achieving my goals, but I’m trying to breakthrough this and I want you guys to join me in this ride. Isn’t it more fun when you do challenges together, so you kind of motivate each other ? Yes, join the anti-procrastination tribe with me !

As you know I’m still at my infancy, I promise to come back on this with a structured guided on how I by then would have overcome my procrastination. Oh yeah, I’m confident.

Here I am going to share with you few of my own flaws that I picked so far and the techniques I tried to overcome this ruining habit.

Perfectionism: We all have our flaws and are imperfect in our ways yet when it comes to other things  in life, we only reach out for what we think is ‘perfect’. The one thing that took me this long to make my website live was my mind-blogging apprehension of not meeting the already set standards by others.

My look out for perfection turned out to be my biggest hindrance from making any progress. ”Will my website be as good and as interesting as the already established and popular blogs ???” was my biggest fear and glitch that stopped me from making my dream come true.

How I got over this is the next question, right ? I had to train my mind to look for “happiness in what I do” and not “the happiness I will find from the acceptances and appreciations from others”, because the latter is the happiness placed in the hands of others and so it will be short-lived. At the end of the day if you take a step back and think, there will be at least one critic for every masterpiece created. So, what is more important is you giving people a chance to either appreciate you work and be your critic.

Understand that “Perfection is nothing but an alluring impracticality, so do not let the pressure of wanting to be perfect hold you back from making the first step”.

Time Management: We keep complaining about the endless lists of things that need to be done in a day which leaves us no time for the meaningful things in life, like finding time to do the things you are passionate about, finding time for your little one, keeping yourself fit, planing a holiday etc; but how is it that some other people manage to find time for everything ? What differentiates the extra-ordinary from the ordinary is the little word “extra”, so you have to put in that little extra effort if you want to see all your dreams come true. What you need is a routine for all the things that you procastinate, yet important. No, I’m not talking about a boring routine, but an excellent efficiency elevating one which will anable you to live your astounding dream life.

Start paying attention to how you are spending your time starting from simple things like checking your face book updates in between something you are doing, spending the next 15 minutes stalking people or checking the new arrivals when you actually are not planning to shop etc. Start monitoring the way you are spending your time and in no time you will have a list of things to avoid doing in order to save time.

Stay focussed on your daily tasks so that you will have times for the important things in life. Make a plan for the day and stick to it, I understand you all have a demanding job, yet you should not forget that you are working to a have a good life, so don’t let work stop you from having a life.

Plan of Action:  We have all heard of the famous saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, if you have a big dream it will take you days and months and some times years of constant hard work. The key is to have an action plan. The new habit I am struggling to in cultivate is to write on a regular basis, every single day for an hour because I have a plan, a goal and a time frame I have given myself.

Be it simple things like planning a trip or loosing weight to big achievements like running a marathon or publishing a book. You need to have a plan. Be specific, have a time frame, make a list and don’t stop until it is complete.

What happens if you don’t finish within your self-set time frame? Nothing majorly bad, so don’t be hard on yourself because the world ain’t going to end ! Set a new dead line and keep doing it until you reach where you ought to be.

Start Now: You will never see the finishing line unless you make a start, so start now ! Do not let “Procrastination” stand as your roadblock to your goals.

Take a minute and answers these questions for me: Have you accomplished everything you have hoped to have accomplish ? Finished everything you have started ?? See all you wanted to see ??

If the answer to any one of the three questions is a “No”, you better join my anti-procrastination tribe !!! 😆


Bye… Stay Happy… Love…

Maria !!!

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