Being Happy in Your Own Company !!!


“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” ~ Wayne W. DyerTweet This

Are you someone who always feel the need to be in other’s company in order to feel happy? Or are you that person who is always hosting parties in order to have people around ? Or are you the one who is constantly texting your friends on a friday evening to avoid having a stay in? Once upon a time, I was that person. I constantly felt the need to be around people all the time to feel cheerful, but not anymore. With time I have learnt to love my own company, just as much as I love being in other’s comradeship. I have learnt through self-love that I don’t always need to be with another being to feel happy. I can be happy even when I am all by myself.

Sometimes there will be times in life when you might be spending more time alone than with others. It could be either because you have moved to a new city, or due to your friends moving countries for higher studies or work, or caused by a recent break up or simply due to others becoming super busy because of some sudden change of events in their lives like settling down, having babies or starting up a business etc. Being alone can be a painful feeling, especially if you have always been a social bee. Learning how to be happy in your company doesn’t happen overnight, but at the same time it’s not all that hard as it may seem in the beginning.

Trust me you have everything in you to bring out the happiness from within you and spread the vibrance all around you. Yes, you are so much more than what you think you are.

Having lived in a city where making an eye contact with someone in a packed train is considered creepy and moving at an unnaturally fast phase is considered normal has taught me yet another thing ! To start loving my own company.

If you are reading an article on how to feel happy in your own company, its likely that you are feeling lonely at this point, or you are a person who easily feel upset when you don’t always have plans. If that’s the case, you will have to make a promise to me today to never let the feeling of loneliness gobble you up and start enjoying life even if it’s not with another person. Who says joy can only be doubled if its shared with another person ??? I know its tough work; I have been there myself and for that reason I’m telling you that it’s not impossible.

There is nothing more empowering than loving your own company, for it’s in your own company where you can find your lost self.

Majority of us panic when we spend time alone and end up being in a relationship with someone with who you shouldn’t be having one in the first place and tolerating people in the name of friendship and family who usually are not worth having. We do all this just to avoid being alone, but why ? Isn’t the worst kind of loneliness feeling empty whilst in the wrong company?

Here are few tips to help you make your time alone more pleasant and gratifying.

  1. Self Development: There is nothing greater than adding more skills to your existing ones like learning a new language or an instrument. One of the best things I have done in my life was starting my dance classes. It makes me feel good about myself and more confident. So start doing something which will boost your self-confidence.
  2. Occupy your mind: Books can be your best friends and you will never feel alone with a book. I am rubbish when it comes to reading. I can’t read ! I like to write instead, so if reading and writing isn’t your thing then maybe something like painting or drawing ? The one thing common to reading, writing, painting, drawing etc is that your mind gets creative and imaginative which leaves no room for other thoughts. So find something that will ignite your creativity.
  3. Start doing things that you normally do with others by yourself: Don’t hold yourself back from doing the things which you might have done with someone else just because you are alone. Cinema is the most anti social place to be with friends or your other half, yet many find it hard to go for a movie by themselves. It’s a good place to give a kick-start.
  4. Find the purpose of your existence: We are all overwhelmed with our day-to-day life that life get monotonous. Wakeup-Eat-Work-Excercise-Home-Eat-Sleep. To me that kind of life gets to meaningless after a point. We need to find something else which will lift up our spirits. We only have one life and we should not settle to a normal day-to-day life. Slide into your true purpose in life.
  5. Appreciate your time alone: Time is the supreme non-renewable natural resource, and no one can dispute on that. I know people who have a chaotic life due to lack of time for themselves because of their life circumstances. So call yourself lucky to be having this time which you can utilise to clear your mind, organise your activities, plan your new adventures and work on your weakness.
  6. Cultivate independence: Having a chance to be alone in life at some point is essential because it helps you become independent. A person who has never been independent in my eyes has less experience in life.
  7. Expand you social network: Most important of all is making an effort to expand your social network. There is nothing worse than sitting at home crying and cursing people for not asking you out. If you want a better social life, put yourself out there. Join communities who share your common interests like a running club, travel group, sports club etc.

Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely, it’s up to us as to how we want to call that time we have for ourselves. I prefer calling it “me-time”. Once you learn to make your time alone more enjoyable, you will start to love your “me-time” and stop being scared of being alone.

There is so much beauty out there, if only you are ready to See it, Feel it and Enjoy it!!! 

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“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Are you being the fun person you would love to spend time with ?

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